Kavya 3rd May 2024 Written Episode Update: Adi and Kavya Fight for Justice


Kavya 3rd May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

After Kavya wakes Adi up romantically, he says I love you too. Santu gets Adi tea, sees the lipstick marks on him, and says, “I’m feeling shy.” Adi asks why, and Santu signs him. He goes out of the room to have water. Giriraj asks if Adi woke up. Adi says yes. Giriraj turns him around and asks did you not have a bath? Adi says no. Kavya asks whether Adi went out this way. Adi says yes.

He asks Kavya if you got mad. She shows him the mirror. They laugh. Badi Amma sees them and wonders if they have any proof. Kavya goes. Badi Amma says you are laughing a lot, what is the good news, did you get any evidence. Kavya says you have solid proof. Badi Amma goes to Anurag. She tells him to marry Alka fast. That’s the only way to go. He says to use your mind.

A lawyer tells Adi and Kavya they will prove their innocence today. Adi hugs Kavya. Giriraj asks how they got the report. Adi says with Kavya’s help. Kavya smiles. Everyone prays for Adi and wishes him well. Kavya asks Badi Amma to bless Adi. Badi Amma blesses him. Kavya takes a picture. Adi thanks Badi Amma. Kavya also wishes Adi and says finding a true man like you is difficult.

Agarraj asks where Anurag is. Badi Amma tells him he will come directly to the court. Adi holds Kavya’s hand. They leave. They reach the court. As Kavya and Sanjeev discuss Naina’s boyfriend, Giriraj says we have the evidence and don’t need him. Kavya says to keep searching for him, and our case will be strong. In search of Omi, Alka cries. She asks Santu to look for him. Anjali comes to support Adi. Adi feels bad. Anurag says he is making Omi sleep. I miss Omi every time I see the baby.

He threatens Alka and asks her to marry him. She says no to Sanjeev. He scares her. She takes the baby. Everyone is shocked to see the ladies blackening Adi’s face and protesting against him. Kavya cries. She stops the lady and scolds her. She asks how can you blame him, the judgment hasn’t yet been passed. Adi is encouraged by Kavya. They go to the court. Adi’s lawyer is on his way. He meets an accident there.


Kavya answers that she will support the truth when the reporters ask what she will do.

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