Suhaagan 21st December 2023 Written Episode Update: Shocking Revelation About Amma’s Condition


Suhaagan 21st December 2023 Written Episode Update on

During the episode, Amma tells Krish that Kaveri will not be saved. Bindiya tells Krish that she feels Payal and Krish did something last time and that’s why Amma’s reaction is so strong. Indu informs Baldev that Amma is seeing your father in Krish and Kaveri in Payal. Baldev then leaves. Amma tells Payal that she will kill her.

Bindiya and Baldev give her an injection. As Amma sleeps due to the injection, Bindiya and Baldev put her on the sofa. He asks someone to bring Payal water and asks if she is okay. He says Amma was peacefully sleeping last night then what happened suddenly. She shows the sleeping pills when she opens Payal’s dupatta knot. Bindiya says I’ll tell you Krishna ji.

Bindiya says Amma spent all night without these sleeping pills, so she was awake now since she had not taken them all night. Krish asks who gave her sleeping pills. She says Payal gave her four tablets. Last night I changed the water jug, and that’s why Amma was on her conscience. Payal shouts, saying how dare you change the jug and telling Krish that I had almost lost my life. She says I won’t leave you. Krish asks if you gave Amma tablets.

Baldev questions if you attempted to end her life. Sakshi claims you plotted to put her into an eternal slumber. Payal reveals that the uneducated Bindiya was unaware of the medicine’s true effects and insists it was not sleeping medication, presenting evidence of her online purchase. Baldev sarcastically remarks on the lack of medical expertise in the situation. Bindiya admits to giving Amma the medicine to render her unconscious at Payal’s instruction. Krish demands an explanation for why you kept this from us. Bindiya retaliates by questioning your trust in her. Baldev accuses Payal of endangering Amma’s life.

As Krish says, Payal might not have given the sleeping pill. He takes a picture of it and sends it to a doctor who asks him about it. It is a sedative that is given in emergency cases under doctor’s supervision; if the wrong dose is given, the patient may die. She orders him to return this medicine immediately. Krish gets angry and asks Payal if she has taken care of Amma in the same way.

He asks how you can do such a big misdeed with Amma, and says she is an elderly lady. Trying to prove your superiority to Bindiya, he says that you tried to kill her. Baldev asks them if they saw what Payal did with Amma and says who will take care of Amma now? Krish apologizes to Baldev and tells him that only Bindiya is trustworthy with this responsibility. Bindiya and Krish take Amma into the room. Payal stands angry and shocked.

He tries to take back Amma’s hand, while Krish and Bindiya make her rest on the bed. Amma holds his hand, while he tries to get it back. Bindiya says his touch is bringing out Amma’s emotions. Amma is unconscious, so Krish brushes off Bindiya’s hand and tells her she will be fine soon. Bindiya wipes her tears. She tries to leave. Amma holds her hand as well.

He asks Payal to listen. She says that no one’s bad sight will fall on this sight. Bindiya asks him not to leave Amma. Krish frees his hand and goes out to Payal. Baldev calls the doctor and asks him to check out Amma. Indu asks if you want her to be treated here even though they know a big secret about her.

She tells me that Amma sees herself in Bindiya, her husband in Krish and Kaveri in Payal. She asks if you know what Amma did with them, she murdered them, and asks him to send Amma back. Baldev asks Krish if he must choose between his wife and mother, who should he choose? Indu says I won’t be participating in any competition. Baldev asks her to answer whether he should choose his wife or mother.

Payal embraces Indu as she approaches and Indu inquires about the frequent hugging. Payal responds by questioning why Bindiya is still permitted to reside here despite being responsible for the death of her child. She wonders if they have forgotten the grave incident. Baldev reminds them that no one has forgotten and explains that if he had let Bindiya go, he would have also lost Amma, and Indu would have been unable to handle any responsibilities. He further adds that Krish had asked Bindiya to take care of Amma, to which Krish agrees but also acknowledges that Bindiya harmed his child. Baldev announces their decision and Indu adds that Payal will have to leave for a few days. Bindiya chimes in, stating it’s best as Amma gets agitated when Payal is around. Sakshi adds slyly that they will be free from Payal’s cunning ways during this time. This angers Payal.


He explains to everyone that Bindiya will be a caretaker. She wears uniform clothes. Payal tries to take her mangalsutra, saying it does not suit her. Bindiya warns her not to touch it.

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