Suhaagan 29th August 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 29th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Krish questions why Payal is behaving this way and angrily tosses his phone aside. Payal inquires about their whereabouts, to which Rudra expresses his suspicion that she is having an affair with her brother-in-law. Payal reprimands him and repeats the question about their location. Rudra answers that they are on their way. Bindiya approaches Krish and asks what’s wrong with him, wondering if he knows anything about Rudra. She urges him to share the truth because it cannot be hidden for long. Suddenly, Dadi calls Bindiya, interrupting their conversation and catching her off guard.

Krish inquires about the situation, to which Bindiya responds that they need to visit Chirayya. She explains that Rudra and Payal, accompanied by their supposed or biological parents, are currently at Dadi’s house looking quite well-dressed. Dadi then ushers Bindiya inside while Krish takes the opportunity to speak with Payal. However, Payal reveals that she has put careful thought into her actions. Unaware of this conversation, Bindiya confides in Dadi about everything that has happened. Phoolmati chimes in, accusing Payal of always causing commotion. Bindiya defends her, stating it is not her fault. Dadi interjects and asks if anyone ever sees Payal make mistakes. Meanwhile, Krish scolds Rudra and Bindiya steps out to see what the commotion is about. Curious as to why Krish is upset, she questions him and Payal explains that he was questioning Rudra earlier.

Bindiya calls for their presence and informs them that Rudra’s parents have arrived. She reveals that the couple has been in love for many years, but their families were not in favor of their union earlier. Bindiya suggests that they should have waited for Rudra’s parents before making their engagement official. However, Rudra expresses his urgency to tie the knot and take Payal away from this place. Bindiya adds that due to unforeseen circumstances, Payal couldn’t meet Rudra during the Krish leela event, but now everything is falling into place. Dadi leaves the decision up to Bindiya. Krish seeks a private conversation with Rudra, which Bindiya allows. As Krishna Ji speaks to him alone, Rudra agrees to listen attentively.

Then Krish asks Rudra what is going on? He says that he really loves Payal, and that he lied only once that I had been in love with Payal before, and that my marriage had been fixed elsewhere. All is well in love and war, he says. As he twists his hand and says, “I’ll teach you war, you’ve done enough love.” He sees everyone standing outside the window. He tells her that Payal is more excited about our marriage than he, and Krish is shocked.

Rudra’s parents are eager for the marriage to take place soon. However, they do not wish for a grand wedding and simply desire a modest one. Payal is willing to go along with whatever Bindiya decides, and Bindiya defers the decision to the elders. She encourages Krish to agree, emphasizing that it is important for Payal’s happiness. Krish consents with a simple “ok.” Rudra then turns to Payal and congratulates her on becoming his Dulhaniya. Meanwhile, Krish watches silently as Rudra approaches them but they refuse his gesture of touching their feet. Eventually, Rudra leaves with his parents.

Bindiya introduces Payal to her in-laws and shares the news of their engagement. Later, she explains to everyone that Payal had confided in her about some mental stress she was going through. Sakshi comments to Vikram that she doesn’t understand what makes these simple girls so appealing to guys like Krish and this other guy. Bindiya then informs Baldev that she borrowed money from Master ji for the wedding, but promises to repay him once their harvest sells. Baldev insists on doing her kanyadaan and arranging the marriage during the Teej festivities. This revelation leaves Krish and Payal stunned.


Payal tries to stop Krish from informing everyone. Krish tells Payal that he will go and tell everyone.


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