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Shiv Shakti 22nd August 2023 Written Episode Update on

As Shakti makes her exit from Shiv’s room, she dramatically leaps out of the window, while Dadi, Gayatri, and Shiv watch in surprise. Expressing her disbelief, Dadi remarks that this girl burst into their lives like a storm and disappeared just as quickly. She can only hope that Shakti will be able to stop Shiv from signing the papers. In agreement, Gayatri sees Shakti as a glimmer of possibility. Mandira arrives on the scene and is taken aback to see Gayatri inside Shiv’s room. In hushed tones, she questions why Dadi is speaking with her so amiably when she is not allowed there. Ragunath joins them as well and Mandira enquires about what they are all staring at. Turning his attention back to Shakti, Shiv explains that it is nothing important outside the window.

Ragunath motions for Gayatri to step aside and peers out the window, but notices Shakti is no longer there. Confused, he questions the others, “I don’t see anyone. What were you all looking at?” Dadi explains that there was a mouse in his room and they were just helping him out. Ragunath then turns to Gayatri and asks why she was in Shiv’s room. Dadi interjects, “Oh, I was just escorting her out.” Gayatri quickly exits. Mandira smirks to herself, thinking, “I’m sure they’re trying to thwart my plan.” In an attempt to flatter Shiv, she hands him diamond cufflinks and remarks, “You are like a diamond – always shining wherever you go. Even if you no longer remain MD, no one can replace you as my son.” Shiv gratefully thanks her with a smile.

Upon Shakti’s return home, Manorama reprimands her for arriving late and instructs her to prepare for the engagement event. Leading Shakti to their room, she questions if she went to meet Shiv instead of prioritizing her family. However, Shakti insists that she cannot simply forget about him as he is facing difficulties because of her actions, which have also affected Rimjhim. In fact, Rimjhim has agreed to this marriage as she fears being rejected by other suitors due to the recent news.

I know Rimjhim since childhood, so I can see your silence is about helplessness. Manorama asks Rimjhim if she is happy with this proposal? Rimjhim looks away. Manorama asks if there is a second guy? Shakti asks Rimjhim to stop lying anymore. Although Rimjhim is sad to leave the family, he is doing this engagement on his own. Manorama tells Shkati to stop thinking about this.

In Ramanath’s words, Mandira is more like a mother to Shiv than this Gayatri. Dadi tells him to stop being bitter all the time, just stop it.. we all know that Gayatri is a bad mother and a killer. Gayatri stands outside silently without saying anything.. what do you want that she also stops breathing? Ragunath says I am telling the truth. Shiv says Dadi is right, I don’t want to spoil the mood, so you can prepare for the party. Ragunath says I am telling the truth.

Mandira notices that Dadi and Shiv both take Gayatri’s side and thinks this is new, Dadi and Shiv taking Gayatri’s side. She leaves. Shiv looks at Gayatri and leaves. Gayatri says that after many years, Dadi took my side and Shiv looked at me. When Shakti comes here, it becomes a blessing.

Manorama tells Shakti that I know why you’re doing all this.. you keep chanting Shiv’s name and dream big, but don’t tell Rimjhim the same thing. Today is the day that she will get engaged. She asks her to get ready and takes her from there. Mandira says I just need to focus on Shiv signing his resignation papers.

Dadi inquires Nandu for his thoughts on whether Shakti can prevent the resignation. Nandu believes that with only an hour remaining, she may not have much influence. However, Shiv arrives and reminds them that there are 60 minutes in an hour and a lot can happen during that time. He admires Shakti’s ability to follow through on her words, something he has learned from her. Dadi playfully comments on how well Shiv seems to know Shakti despite their short acquaintance. This results in teasing from both Dadi and Nandu towards Shiv. Meanwhile, Mandira observes their laughter and wonders why they are happy instead of being upset like she expected. She then questions what is happening among them.

To stop all this injustice, Shakti says I must expose Mandira. She comes to Shiv, Dadi and Nandu and says we have to get Shiv’s resignation by exactly 7:30pm. Dadi says even she is anticipating that time, so she gets ready. Padma asks Mandira what she is thinking. Mandira says they don’t look sad, they seem hopeful.

She remembers that Mandira said she deleted the CCTV footage when she started working on her laptop. She says I knew Mandira would do that. She remembers how she had copied the footage into her phone when Shiv was arguing with the manager. She says I’ll expose Mandira now.


I need to stop the situation as my sister gets engaged at 7:30 and Dr. Shiv will sign the contract. Mandira says Shiv will sign today at 7:30pm. Shakti says I need to go to Kashyap Nivas and everyone will wait for me there in order to stop Shiv from signing. When she meets with an accident, Shakti tells herself, “Don’t worry, Dr. Shiv, your partner is with you.”

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