Teri Meri Doriyaan 14th October 2023 Written Update


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Brars receive calls from acquaintances questioning whether Angad is truly responsible for Sahiba’s death. They decline to provide a response. Akaal expresses doubt about Angad’s capabilities to commit such a heinous act. Jasleen suggests that it is plausible, given their past arguments and Sahiba’s emotional state after learning about Manveer’s announcement. She speculates that Angad may have approached Sahiba during their altercation and fatally harmed her. Prabjot hesitantly agrees with the reporters’ claims. Inder sternly advises her to refrain from speaking nonsense. Akaal adamantly states that he will never believe Angad could harm Sahiba in any way. Gurleen tries to comfort Seerat, who firmly believes that Angad would never be capable of murdering her sister. Manveer instructs Inder to bring her son back home.

Upon his return home, Veer shared the shocking news with his family: Sahiba’s lifeless body was discovered by him, and Angad seemed to be in denial about her death. Jasleen noted that Angad was refusing to accept responsibility for Sahiba’s murder and speculated that he may come to terms with it later on. She also mentioned that Garry had suffered greatly at the hands of Angad, and now it was her turn to seek revenge. Meanwhile, Angad pleaded with the inspector to search for Sahiba, insisting that she was still alive and the deceased girl was not her. The inspector sternly warned him to remain silent and stay put, or face consequences. Despite this warning, the family continued to discuss their theories. In a sarcastic tone, Jasleen made a remark directed towards Seerat about her failed plan to marry Angad.

Ajith, accompanied by Keerat, faces Seerat with accusations of destroying Sahiba’s life by scheming to marry Angad. He then turns his blame towards the Brar family for allowing Angad to take Sahiba’s life. Inder, who considered Sahiba as his own daughter, refuses to believe that Angad could commit such a heinous act. Akaal attempts to console Ajith while Keerat breaks down in tears. Gurleen pleads with Seerat to comfort her sister. However, Keerat warns Seerat not to approach them, as even though Angad is being accused of killing Sahiba, it was Seerat who manipulated him and ultimately caused her death.

A message from Inder’s lawyer Mr Dhillon informs him that Angad has been permitted to meet with him. Veer and Akaal arrive at the police station to meet Angad and Dhillon. Dhillon questions Angad if he met Sahiba and had an argument with him. Sahiba wasn’t in the hostel room at all and that girl isn’t Sahiba, he did not murder Sahiba.

If Angad wants bail, Dhillon asks him to speak truthfully. Angad stands by his word. Dhillon leaves with Inder. Angad asks Veer to contact Shameem and find Sahiba. Veer departs. Dhillon tells Inder and Akaal that Angad cannot get bail because he was found at the murder scene. Akaal asks him not to say that. They meet the inspector who says the same.

He asks Inder not to let Angad know that he will not get bail. They meet Angad again. Akaal recalls being in his place and Angad promising to get him bail. Akaal tells him that he now realizes how painful it is to see someone he loves behind bars. Inder says he loves him the most.

Angad says that girl was not Sahiba, and Sahiba is alive. Akaal hopes that’s the case, but if God wishes to separate them, Angad must accept it. Inder takes him from there. Angad thinks that until Sahiba is found, no one will trust him.


Rumi kidnaps Sahiba and tells him they are now two bodies but one soul. Angad escapes from police. Rumi kidnaps Sahiba.


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