Suhaagan 10th November 2023 Written Episode: Payal’s Desperation Unleashes Chaos, Bindiya’s Antics Puzzle Krish!


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Payal comes to Chopra and says that she can’t understand, and that’s why she puts all the blame on him. She says you are a powerful lawyer, but I am a helpless lawyer and says it was all your idea. Chopra says he knows how she is and that everything was your plan, including this character’s assassination. Taking up this case was a mistake on my part, and he promised to stay with them forever.

The car leaves Chopra. Krish approaches and is about to stop Chopra. Payal stops her. Krish asks Payal what she was discussing with Chopra. She says Chopra was telling her that she didn’t want a divorce. The man says he thought it was wrong to assassinate someone’s character. Payal says it is incorrect and says Bindiya is her sister. Despite taking years, he will not get mistaken.

Chopra was right; Payal said you’re not interested in me. Krish says you told a cheap thing and asks her to leave him. He sits in the car. Payal asks him to listen and runs behind the car. Bindiya, Baldev, and Pankaj see it. Bindiya asks Payal why Krishna ji left angry. Payal says I didn’t know. Baldev asks Bindiya where Krish has gone, and he says you know where his car is.

Upon arriving at Nikku’s house, Krish takes a drink. Nikku asks about what happened in court. Krish says that someone always does something wrong whenever he does something right. He says he will find peace by drinking. As he is about to drink, Bindiya takes his bottle. She asks, “How can your pain be greater than mine?” Krish tells her to leave and says he doesn’t want to speak to her.

In an attempt to stop him from drinking, Bindiya asks Krish to leave the bottle. Bindiya refuses. Krish asks Nikku to bring another bottle. Nikku says he does not have any more bottles. Krish asks him to bring his Papa’s bottle. Krish asks Bindiya to drink it, to stop Krish and say Krishna ji. He asks her to stand up straight and asks if she’s mad.

Krishna tells Nikku that Bindiya is drunk. Bindiya says Bindiya is just 1, but 2 Krishna ji. Nikku sits, and Krishna says this is trouble. He gets out of one trouble, then lands in another and says he can’t bear it anymore. Nikku holds his head in his hands.

In Payal’s opinion, Bindiya will not leave Krish’s life anytime soon. She sees a woman hit herself with a hunter. She looks at the boy and the lady. Krish is leaving Nikku’s house. Bindiya asks him not to leave. Nikku asks Krish where he is going and asks him to pick up Bindiya Bhabhi from there. They see Bindiya missing. Nikku asks Krish to find out where she is.

As Payal watches Bindiya approach, armed with a hunter, she declares that no one will take her place and questions if Bindiya has ever been able to defeat her. She warns that Krishna ji will always put her in her place. Payal takes hold of the hunter and strikes at Bindiya, determined to teach her a lesson. As onlookers express concern and call for someone to intervene, Bindiya cries out for help. A man steps in and asks Payal if she has lost her mind to lash out at Bindiya so ruthlessly. Through tears, the lady and the boy look on as Payal attacks.

Under the bed, Bindiya is drinking wine, taking it with a spoon, and Krish comes there, thinking he doesn’t know where she went. Krish hears the spoon sound and then sees Bindiya. She refuses. Krish pulls her out, holding her legs. Bindiya laughs and asks Krishna to make her fly, saying she enjoyed it. He makes her stand. When Bindiya starts crying, he asks her to listen carefully.

Bindiya chuckles and remarks that anything can be heard with ears. On the other hand, Krish insists that he does not want any commotion and kindly asks Bindiya to come home like a well-behaved lady. However, Bindiya refuses to leave in such a manner and questions him if she can share something with him. Agreeing, Krish moves closer to her, and Bindiya whispers something confidential into his ear. She reveals that her husband is deeply in love with her. This news surprises Krish, who then instructs Nikku to bring the car around as he offers to take Bindiya home. Despite his efforts, Bindiya stubbornly states she will not go anywhere. Quickly, Krish picks her up while she holds onto her wine bottle firmly.


Krishna is stopped from drinking by Bindiya. After a few sips, Bindiya gets drunk, and Krisha asks Bindiya to leave.

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