Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kunal’s Return Brings Joy

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 11th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with a 6-month leap. Vandana awakens, smiling, and exclaims, “Welcome back, Kunal Sir!” She prepares for her day and checks the letters that he sent. She remarks on his uniqueness in sending letters during these times. As she reads the letters, she sees a picture of Kunal, Tara, and herself. The song “Aaye Zindagi” plays as she admires the photo. Upon seeing her updated phone wallpaper with Tara’s picture, Vandana is called by Tara. She responds with, “Yes, I’m coming.” Pammi then shows her a welcome board. Guneet praises her work and asks how she manages to do everything so well. Vedika also expresses her approval while Bobby and Guneet nod in agreement.

She asks the chef to add dry fruits to the kheer. She asks the servant to shine the house. Guneet asks Bobby about the engagement decorators. Bobby says everything is ready. Pammi says we will have an engagement, then all the wedding functions, and we’ll make it grand. Vedika receives her gifts. There will be many functions, and it will be a big fat Punjabi wedding. They all go. She says there will be many surprises. They all go.

Anagha presents the sarees she purchased, causing Vijay’s demeanor to shift to melancholy. However, Hemant soon arrives, prompting Anagha to mention her plan of making Rangoli for Vandana’s engagement. Hemant chimes in, suggesting they find good deals on decorations, while Anagha insists on having delicious food. Knowing them both well, Vijay teases them for being too eager about Vandana’s marriage and planning something without his knowledge. Hemant quickly clarifies that he is attempting to rectify a mistake he made in the past. Disapprovingly, Vijay expresses his lack of trust in Hemant’s intentions while Atya intervenes, believing Vandana will find happiness in this union. However, Vijay remains unhappy with this relationship as Mrunal reveals her new acquisitions.

The man gets angry at Vijay. Atya consoles him. Anagha says we’ll get Kunal’s house papers. Bobby says Mom, Vandana, and I will pick Kunal up. Tara tells Vandana to get ready because Dad will be shocked when he sees you. Atya tells Kunal to shut up; Kunal is coming, and Vandana will get him. Mrunal says to make sure Kunal wants to marry Vandana or not, and maybe he has changed his mind. Vandana says just shut up. Kunal is coming, so stop talking.

After glancing at the letter and picture, Vandana draws attention to Kunal, who is busy writing. Her face lights up with a smile. Tara helps Vandana get ready and protects her from any evil eye. Once again, a smile spreads across Vandana’s face. Compliments from Atya only add to her joy. Tara proudly declares that she has got Vandana ready for the occasion, while Vijay remains somber. Trying to lighten the mood, Tara suggests they head out as Bobby might be waiting for them. Just then, Vaibhav arrives on the scene, and his eyes immediately focus on Vandana. He exclaims how radiant and glowing she looks. Sensing that their father is on his way, Tara asks him to leave, but Vaibhav suggests they chat since he will soon become her brother-in-law due to their legal separation. However, Vandana firmly asks him to go instead of complicating things further.

He asks whether you are in a hurry. He taunts her. She says you’re out on bail, don’t forget, your case is still going on, you’re marrying Mrunal, but don’t come over here. She scolds him and leaves. Bobby calls her to come. Vandana says I wish Kunal and I get saved from imperfect sight. Vaibhav gives her a flying kiss. She leaves. Vaibhav says the party has just begun. He smiles. Kunal arrives. He smiles at the crowd. He says welcome back to Mumbai, and it’s getting better.

As Bobby greets his friend with a familiar “bro,” Kunal eagerly embraces him and inquires about his well-being. Glancing around, Bobby expresses that he loves Kunal, and Kunal reciprocates the sentiment. Curious about Kunal’s appearance, Bobby playfully remarks that he looks younger than him. Kunal attributes it to something unknown and suggests they go home to meet everyone. In jest, Bobby mentions Vandana and pushes Kunal teasingly. As Kunal blushes, he stumbles upon Vandana’s unexpected arrival. The song “Haule Haule” plays as he falls and smiles at her in amazement. Amused by the scene, Vandana laughs heartily.


Kuldeep gives Kunal bangles for his wife. Kunal gives the bangles to Vandana. Vandana gives the bangles to Kunal.

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