Pandya Store 28th September 2023 Written Episode: Dhawal’s Heroic Act and Natasha’s Moment of Joy!

Pandya Store 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

Suman says the wheelchair isn’t working right and jokes on Mittu. Chiku looks on and says no one can save her from falling now, Shesh and Mittu can save her, so what do I do? Natasha and Dhawal are on the way. An auto rickshaw stops them. Dhawal says we need to go to the temple, it’s almost time. Natasha insists we have clean clothes. I cannot lie to Suman. Saathiya…plays…. They share a moment. Dhawal splashes water at her.

The man reprimands, “Laila Majnu, did you just ask the water tanker to waste its contents?” Dhawal apologizes and quickly tells Natasha to start running. Suman reminds them that the aarti has begun and urges everyone to hurry. Dhawal suggests they clean up first before Daama arrives. Shesh receives a call and walks away to answer it.

Meanwhile, Chiku shoves Mittu, causing her to fall. Suman calls out for Mittu while she and Shesh rush

to help her. Worried, Chiku thinks about the possible consequences for Suman and tears up. At that moment, Dhawal appears and swiftly comes to Suman’s rescue. Unfortunately, the wheelchair’s wheels break off, worrying Suman. Chiku then arrives and supports Suman.

Suman is overwhelmed with emotion when she sees Dhawal and Chiku, and soon Natasha, Shesh, and Mittu join them. Unable to contain her feelings, Suman breaks down in tears. Her loved ones offer her comforting hugs and share in her sorrow. Trying to reassure them, Suman declares that she is fine and even manages to change Yamraj’s plans for the day. Natasha is relieved but insists on taking extra precautions to protect Suman’s well-being. Thanking Dhawal and Chiku for saving her, Suman blesses them and admits that her initial judgment of Dhawal as a goon was wrong; he has a kind heart. She mentioned the need to repair her wheelchair so they could attend the aarti together. However, when Dhawal insists she should still go to the temple, Suman protests that she cannot manage it alone without his help. But he assures her that he will be there by her side every step of the way.

After taking Suman in his arms, Shesh expresses his gratitude to Dhawal, and Chiku responds. Natasha watches as they head upstairs and smiles. Suman then reflects on a similar occasion when Gautam carried her to the temple, but now she realizes that Dhawal has become her son. Amrish tries to reach Chiku on the phone, but he doesn’t answer. Amrish remarks that Chiku is an odd man and comments on how his work would have been done if Chiku had picked up the call. Mittu brings a chair for Suman, and Dhawal helps her sit down before they all pray together.

Natasha expresses gratitude to Dhawal for rescuing Suman’s life. Pandit then requests Dhawal to place sindoor in Natasha’s hair parting. Without hesitation, Dhawal follows through, and Suman beams with joy. Meanwhile, Amrish redials Chiku to inquire if the task was completed. Chiku responds that it was not him but rather Dhawal who came to Suman’s aid. Amrish is taken aback and asks for clarification. Amba observes the conversation with concern as Chiku reveals Dhawal disrupted their plans and filled Natasha’s maang while sharing intimate moments with her. Amrish questions how Dhawal reached the temple so quickly, causing Suman to feel delighted. However, Amba fears Dhawal may develop feelings for Natasha, potentially ending their scheme. Fortunately, Suman can bring Dhawal and Natasha together in love and harmony.


The last strike will be on Suman. Suman meets with an accident. Natasha shouts Daama….

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