Kavya 29th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya Faces a Tough Challenge from Badi Amma


Kavya 29th February 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Malini vehemently refusing, followed by Badi Amma catching Kavya and Adi stepping in to intervene. He reassures her that Kavya will not be going anywhere. Badi Amma then embraces him, saying it has long been since she’s seen his face. Adi reminds her that this is the first time she’s seen her new daughter-in-law and invites her to participate in the traditional Mu dikhai ceremony to welcome Kavya into the family. However, Badi Amma distrusts Kavya and asks Adi if he will go against her to support the traitor. He calmly responds that he is simply standing up for what is right, as Giriraj cannot continue to evade punishment for his actions.

He insists that giving Kavya a chance is necessary; otherwise, he will leave. She agrees, stating that she cannot refuse him and Kavya will have to make the same sacrifice as Malini did upon her request. Kavya questions why she cannot do her job and be a good daughter-in-law, promising to prove her capability. Badi Amma acknowledges her choice of a clever girl and challenges her to prove herself worthy of becoming part of the family. Kavya accepts the challenge, and Badi Amma praises her bravery before retiring for the night. Giriraj takes one last dig at Kavya before leaving. Adi comforts Kavya while she stops Malini from causing any further problems. Malini accuses Kavya of creating tension between Adi and Giriraj. Unaffected by Malini’s words, Kavya approaches Adi and instructs her to pack their bags as they leave.

She inquires about their next move. He responds with “anywhere.” She then asks for an update on the situation. He explains that Giriraj has outsmarted the police and that her mother is not speaking to her, while Badi Amma is causing problems for her. He suggests they leave. Kavya adds that Badi Amma has scolded Giriraj. However, she declares that she will not be forced out of this family. She sees earning their affection as challenging and promises her mother that she will not abandon them. He points out that Badi Amma does not want her here, but Kavya is determined to win over her heart. She asks him if he trusts her, and he confirms his faith in her. She reminds him of how much he respects Badi Amma for raising him, caring for him when he is sick, and settling his father’s affairs.

Badi Amma expresses her deep love for me, even more than her son. Giriraj acknowledges this fact. She shares that she married at the young age of 13, after her father-in-law’s passing. Despite being married to an uneducated husband, she encouraged him to study and become a sarpanch and also arranged his marriage with a wealthy man’s daughter. Her late father-in-law was a prominent figure in society, and she raised her son and later Anurag alone. Giriraj agrees with Badi Amma’s words. Adi reveals that their grandfather cheated Badi Amma and remarried, and she made numerous sacrifices for the family. She loves Anurag, Omi, and myself equally. I am not bothered by her words; you do not have to tolerate this either, Kavya says determinedly as he embraces her.

You went to jail and ruined my reputation, Badi Amma says. Kavya says I hate to fail. Giriraj doesn’t know me. Adi holds her close. Alka says I am tense. The IVF doctor is coming to Lucknow tomorrow; how will I go when Badi Amma is here? Taking you there will be a big drama if she knows this, Adi says. We won’t let her know. Kavya says, “It’s my duty.”. Adi smiles. Badi Amma smirks at him.

Badi Amma brings a problem to Giriraj’s attention, stating that everyone has committed a sin and Adi is in danger due to a curse from the hurt girl. This causes Malini to worry. Badi Amma expresses her concern for Adi and suggests that there is only one solution. Curious, Malini asks what it is. Badi Amma explains that Kavya must undergo a difficult Tapp to resolve the issue. Upon hearing this, Kavya resolves to fulfill Badi Amma’s instructions as she cannot afford to lose. However, Adi and Malini express their disbelief and engage in a heated argument with Kavya. Malini challenges Kavya, saying that she must live like a Sanyasan- eating plain food, wearing simple clothes, and engaging in devotional activities- and asks if she can handle such a lifestyle.

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