Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 16th November 2023 Written Episode: Vandana Faces Family Strife and Vaibhav’s Deception

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 16th Novemner 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the upcoming episode, Kunal announces they have secured the contract. Vedika expresses her happiness and credits Vandana for their success. Kunal cannot contain his joy, so he thanks Vandana again. Vedika then reminds Kunal about revealing the truth to their father regarding Tara, their daughter. She commends Vandana for being a supportive mother-in-law. As they admire the lights, Vandana’s mind races back to Vaibhav’s harsh words, and she becomes visibly upset. Soon after, Mrunal enters with a black powder, which accidentally spills on everyone, including herself. In her defense, she reveals herself as an influencer who enjoys pulling pranks like this.

Vandana taunts and ridicules her, urging her to look good at herself. She insists that until Vaibhav grants her a divorce, their marriage will not come to fruition. Scolding Mrunal, she warns that Vaibhav was unfaithful to her and will most likely do the same to Mrunal for their family’s wealth. Vedika implores Mrunal to accept Tara as her daughter, noting their troubled childhood together. She appeals to Mrunal to embrace Tara and end her loneliness. Oblivious in sleep, Tara proclaims Vandana as the best while Vandana concentrates on drawing Rangoli. Reflecting on Vandana’s words, Mrunal contemplates accepting Tara as part of their family.

Kunal listens to her and affirms that Vandana has successfully cared for Tara. As he glances at her drawing book, he becomes emotional and teary-eyed. The song “Ek main hoon” plays in the background. He recalls Sonia’s words and leaves. She expresses her desire to stay with both Kunal and Vandana. Vaibhav agrees and states that if she trusts Vandana more than him, they should end their relationship as she believes that Vandana is envious of her and intentionally trying to create a rift between them. Mrunal apologizes by saying that she loves him, and he replies by asking her to promise not to doubt his intentions again. She readily promises, after which he suggests they make Vandana jealous by returning home and doing whatever they please, as no one can break them apart. They hug each other and express their love before he smiles contently.

During the morning, everyone lights crackers. Mrunal talks to Vaibhav and taunts Vandana to make her jealous. Vandana says Mrunal is falling for his trap. Anagha comes along and says Vandana, Hemant is worried, convincing Dad to sell the property. Vandana says no, I have refused, and the matter ends. Anagha argues. Vandana asks her to celebrate Diwali and go wherever she wishes. Anagha says wow, you’re selfish; you’re doing all this for yourself, she insults Vandana.

You think your property is more important than your family, Vandana says. Anagha says this house is important to you, your dad has gone mad and you… Vandana says to talk with manners. Hemant shouts Vandana, don’t shout, this house will be sold and we’ll get our share, we should understand that. Vaibhav signs Mrunal. Mrunal argues with Vandana. Vandana scolds them and leaves. She cries.


Kunal scolds Vandana for making Tara meet Sonia. He tells her not to try to become Tara’s mother.

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