Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kunal and Bobby admiring Vandana’s work. Kunal commends her, stating that she knows the work well since it is her mehendi tomorrow. Vandana confirms and assures him that she will complete the work. Kunal then mentions that she seems to be in a rush for marriage, to which Vandana explains that she has been waiting for this day for a long time and doesn’t want to wait any longer. She then walks away. Hemant reveals his unawareness of everything that has happened, prompting Anagha to express how much she had to endure. He apologizes and promises to rectify the situation. However, Anagha argues with him and reveals that she has already talked to her brothers about selling the house to a buyer who is willing to pay more money. She adds that they can use the money to secure Shivam’s future. Hemant is taken aback by this suggestion and asks her what she means.

Mrunal confidently claims that his impressive planning can easily deceive their father, Atya, and Vandana. However, I am not one to be fooled, and I demand my rightful share if the bungalow is sold. Shortly after, Mrunal leaves. Concerned Anagha reminds him to keep quiet about his affair with Vaibhav or risk getting kicked out of the house. She believes that if Vandana finds out about their relationship, she will break off the marriage in an attempt to save the family home. Anagha insists that Vandana should get married soon for this reason. Afterwards, Mrunal meets Vaibhav and asks him to reveal the truth to everyone- he cannot marry Vandana. In response, Vandana expresses her excitement about the mehendi ceremony and tells Vaibhav that she will send him final design options.

Mrunal pleads for support and reassures that he will reveal the truth, but fears being rejected. He firmly declares his decision to not marry Vandana. Kunal and Bobby notice Vandana’s contentment and react with frustration. Kunal expresses his desire to confess, but Bobby reminds him of their past failed attempt due to Vandana’s blind devotion. Kunal acknowledges this and regrets not having evidence against her. Vijay welcomes Kunal back and sympathizes with Vandana’s plight. Anagha blames Vandana for their suffering while Hemant defends her, stating she holds utmost importance in his life. Their disagreement escalates until Vijay intervenes, pointing out how no one is concerned about Vandana’s upcoming wedding. He prays for her well-being.

Vandana mentions that Vaibhav is always occupied. Upon hearing this, Pammi enters and promptly directs Vandana to leave. She continues to issue orders towards Vandana, congratulating her on her engagement but also snidely remarking on her age and appearance. In addition, she hands over some old garments to Vandana, while simultaneously belittling her. However, Vandana declines the offer. Pammi retorts by saying Vandana can keep her dignity intact, to which Vandana clarifies that she holds no pride but is aware of Pammi’s lack of genuine affection for her. As an afterthought, Pammi asks for nail polish application from Vandana who complies. At the same time, Kunal and Bobby observe Pammi’s disrespectful behavior towards Vandana and Kunal raises his voice in defense of his aunt (Bua ji), stating that it is not her responsibility to tend to these tasks.


Vijay invites Kunal to the wedding. Kunal confronts Vaibhav for his affair with Mrunal. Kunal says I cannot tell the truth without proof.

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