Barsatein 7th November 2023 Written Episode | Dramatic Revelations & Emotional Turmoil

Barsatein 7th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Jai arguing with Kriti in front of everyone. He accuses her of trapping him in their relationship and using threats to keep him from leaving. Jai is frustrated, as he believes Kriti is responsible for Aradhana’s MMS being leaked. He wants to break things off with Kriti, but she challenges him, reminding him that his father will suffer. She even pushes Jai and urges him to strike her. Just then, Akash and Malini arrive on the scene. Kriti claims that Jai has hit her, but Akash dismisses her comment as a joke and tells Jai to act more maturely. Despite the pressure and drama, Jai stands firm in his decision not to marry Kriti, causing her to tear up.

Jai goes and shuts the door. Akash says I will explain to him. Reyansh asks why could you not wait a day, you are an idiot, you sacrificed your life to help Aradhana, Aradhana or me, you have to choose. Jai says don’t bet. My childhood friend says you want to support her. Jai says she wants to save you from yourself, so do whatever you like. Don’t worry about me or Aradhana. Reyansh asks why, and Jai says yes, I love Aradhana. What will you do now?

Reyansh says Aradhana’s new plan is to make me jealous and not get involved. You have forgotten everything because of your mother, Kadambari. You hate your mother. You will never find peace, and if you get married for revenge, there will be no one more disgusting than you. Aradhana does not deserve you but someone else. Aradhana, I want to confess something to you, Jai says to Aradhana. Kriti asks why Jai did this with you.

Jai bought this house on Aradhana, and his name says Kriti. Malini asks why. Kriti says yes. She shows Jai’s love confession for Aradhana. Jai says I thought I was talking to you that night, I thought you were Viren and Malini’s daughter, I said yes for marriage, just for you. Kriti angers Malini.

Aradhana pleads with Jai not to joke around, as she is already worried for Kimaya and Reyansh. But he reassures her he is serious, having stepped back before because he believed she and Reyansh were in love and deserved happiness. Meanwhile, Reyansh asks Komal about Aradhana’s whereabouts, and she informs him that she is with Jai. Jai explains that Kriti had blackmailed him into defaming them both, but now he realizes that allowing Reyansh to ruin someone else’s life would also destroy his own. Aradhana acknowledges that although Jai is not toxic like Reyansh, she has become contaminated due to her association with him and apologizes for not being able to reciprocate his feelings. She confesses that her heart is solely dedicated to saving Kimaya. Jai responds by expressing his unwavering love for her, promising to always stand by her side regardless of whether or not she loves him in return.

Jai imagines the situation. Aradhana curiously asks for an explanation since he didn’t seem to himself earlier. Jai realizes that it was all a dream and admits it to himself. Viren then claims that his hate towards him results from his love for her. Kadambari chimes in by stating that she never got a say in her marriage. Viren adds that they shared a strong bond, but it ended when she got married, and he was left heartbroken. He explains that he learned to move on from the past, but she chose to hold on to the memories at the expense of her happiness and her husband and son’s well-being. She argues that she did it all for him, but he disagrees and points out that her stubbornness led to such consequences. He also expresses concern for his daughters and how their actions negatively impacted their lives.

Jai says I will help you stop Reyansh. Reyansh recalls Jai’s words. Malini comes to Jai and Aradhana. Kadambari asks, have you never missed me? Viren says I missed you as a part of my life, I heard your music and stayed happy, my family is my everything, you have punished your family, you can’t be the one I loved. She says I have just loved you. He says, but I have moved on, I apologize. She turns and sees Vivek, shocked. She cries.

Jai clarified that there was a misunderstanding. In the meantime, Malini brings Aradhana along with her; upon seeing Viren Khanna, Vivek comments on how everything – including your music and worship – is all for him, while Reyansh has finally discovered the truth. As a result, he was forced to agree to love Kimaya. Regrettably, my son’s life has been ruined because of you; if only you had accepted us instead of chasing after Viren, who was never yours. Kadambari intervenes and stops him from speaking further. Reyansh sees Malini taking Aradhana away, leading him to conclude that she has lost the battle. Sadness fills Vivek as he leaves the scene. Reyansh then determines that Aradhana should go since he has emerged victorious in his quest for revenge.

Aradhana is taken to Beena’s house by Malini. She receives Viren’s message. She packs Aradhana’s bag and asks Beena to expel her. Malini scolds Aradhana. Aradhana says I didn’t know Jai… Malini says get out of this house. Beena says enough, this is my house, my husband’s house. Malini says you don’t force me to close your café; I will not leave this girl. She raises her hand to slap Aradhana, and Bhakti holds her hand. Malini is shocked.

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