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Anupama explains to Baa that the face cannot be seen in boiling water and she suggests waiting for it to cool down before making a decision. She encourages Baa to take her time, reminding her that it is her house and she has the right to make decisions. Baa questions whether one would stay with someone who betrayed them, using Toshu cheating on Kinjal as an example. She expresses that the family was cheated and questions why they should accept Kavya as a daughter-in-law. Baa shares that they do not want to stay in the same house with Kavya’s child and would rather die than accept it. She admits her hatred for Kavya and the baby, and declares that she does not want to see its face. Baa acknowledges that a new baby is considered an incarnation of God, but this particular baby has the reflection of a sinner. She clarifies that if she does not accept this baby, it is not because of any fault of hers, but because of Kavya’s actions.

Anupama agrees that Baa has every right to hate Kavya, as she is the one responsible for all the wrongdoings. However, we cannot blame the unborn baby for Kavya’s actions. Anupama pleads with Baa to not curse the innocent child and to direct her anger towards Kavya instead. She reminds Baa that the baby belongs to someone else and should not suffer because of the elders’ mistakes. Similar to how Ankush made a mistake and Romil is being punished, Anupama believes it is unfair to punish this unborn baby for Kavya’s mistake. She questions whether they want this child to be born with fear from Kavya and hatred from Baa, and asks if this is truly what they want for their grandchild. She implores Baa to reconsider her actions and think about the well-being of the innocent baby.

Pakhi explains to Adhik that their mother is once again stuck in the Shah house, leaving Pakhi to handle everything on her own. Adhik offers to assist, but asks Pakhi not to inform Anuj as he has a forgiving nature. This concerns Anuj as manipulating someone is just as harmful as physically hurting them, and it’s difficult to prove. He decides to deal with Adhik himself. Assuring Pakhi that things will be okay, Adhik also worries about Anu not answering his calls and hopes nothing serious is going on.

If Kavya wants to say anything, Anupama asks her. Kavya says that the mistake I made was the weakest moment when I fell weak. She says I was wrong very much, and then I fell in my own sight. Then, Toshu says you lied about the baby being Papa’s and that you attended all the rasams, and he asks why you didn’t tell us. She says she can’t speak since she does not wish to hurt the family. She says she loves Vanraj a lot. Babu ji wonders if this is love?

Because Kavya says I love him, I couldn’t lie to anybody, if I had not told, no one would have known. You used to consider the baby family and be happy, and Vanraj would have been happy that he was the baby’s father, and everything would have gone smoothly. She says I know that the love cannot withstand a lie. Kinjal says you had told Papa, so why did you tell us?

Kavya explains that she has two reasons for seeking your decision on my punishment. Firstly, I am aware that I have made a mistake and secondly, I care deeply for all of you. She acknowledges that people who commit crimes should be punished and admits that she is here to take responsibility for her actions. Kavya points out that Toshu, who also made the same mistake, is currently still living in the house and questioning her, while even Vanraj has made similar mistakes in the past. She acknowledges that society often treats sons and daughters-in-law differently, but clarifies that she is not asking for forgiveness, only for punishment.

Kavya pleads for a chance, but she knows it will not be granted. Baa reiterates that nothing will be given to her. She won’t even receive punishment in this house. Baa instructs Anupama to take her belongings, find a job and support herself, and leave them. Kavya is making an insincere plea for forgiveness, while Anupama defends the actions of all children. Baa clarifies that they only raise their own children and not those of their neighbors. The baby does not belong to them and its mother is perfectly capable of taking care of it. Baa tells Anupama to leave the house as she needs family, but this family no longer wants her here. She asks Toshu to get a rickshaw ready and Kinjal to help Anupama pack her things and send her away. Kavya pleads for them not to do this, as Vanraj stands in shock.

According to Baa, you have kept this from us and it shows your willingness to accept this child. She demands that you leave the house if you wish to support Kavya. Baa states that a sin pot cannot reside in our home. She presents two options to Vanraj: either kick her out or leave with her. As Kavya weeps, Baa scolds her for standing shamelessly and orders her to leave. Anupama intervenes by taking hold of Baa’s hand and apologizing on behalf of Kavya. She reminds Baa that Kavya had asked for punishment and she has been punished by being forced to leave the house. Anupama also pleads with Baa to understand Kavya’s situation as a woman who is pregnant, despite her mistake.

In her words, someone will be there to take care of her, sit with her when she feels comfortable, etc. If Kavya must stay alone in the future, she must become accustomed to staying alone. Kavya is invited to come. Babu ji asked Anupama where she was taking her? Anupama replied, “My Anuj won’t refuse.” She reminds them that Vanraj and Toshu’s mistake was caught, but Kavya has the courage to accept it, so she is also leaving the house.

Vanraj angrily declares that Kavya will not leave his side, despite Anupama’s attempts to take her away. Baa questions his sanity, suggesting that if he truly wants to adopt a child, he should go to the orphanage. Vanraj confesses that he is trying to make amends for his past mistakes, particularly cheating on Anupama. He sees Kavya’s actions as a form of punishment for himself, but also acknowledges that Anupama never harbored hatred for him and even forgave him. Expressing his love for Kavya, he questions why he shouldn’t also forgive her. He reminds everyone that they have given him second chances in life, so why should he not give Kavya another chance? Initially unsure about accepting the baby, Vanraj admits that seeing Choti Anu with Anuj and Anupama made him realize that biological ties are not everything. Kinjal then asks if he is willing to forgive Kavya’s betrayal.

According to Vanraj, women have a tendency to forgive their husbands for everything throughout their lives. For example, when Adhik raised his hand on Pakhi, she forgave him. And even though Ankush had a baby with another woman, Barkha is still with him, although she may be upset. Similarly, when Toshu cheated on Kinjal, she didn’t leave the house. Do you know why? It’s because women are forgiving by nature and this is considered normal. Therefore, it should also be normal for men to forgive women today. However, I don’t understand concepts like equality, modernism and feminism like Anupama and Anuj do. As a member of society, I don’t see my actions as something extraordinary; I am simply following my heart and accepting Kavya and this baby. Anupama smiles in response.


Anupama tells Adhik that his cleverness, misbehavior, etc can be hidden from his daughter’s sight, but not from his mother’s. Pakhi says it is enough. Anupama says it is enough that you speak at the wrong place, and stay silent at the right place. Pakhi says we are together and happy, and you will be happy, why would you want us separate? She says if you don’t stop interfering in my married life, I’ll do something that will leave you nothing but repentent for.

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