Anupama written update 25th Feb 2023

Anupama written update

Written update of today’s episode of Anupama

Today’s episode begins with Anupama and Vanraj. Anupama is telling Vanraj to behave like Pari’s grandfather and not like a kid. She says that anyone who keeps looking back at their past will definitely fall into a pothole. She is happy with her present and she does not want anything of her past to spoil her present and future. She says that there is no place for negativity in her life anymore. She has put a no-entry board for any problems of the past. She does not want to become an angry Anupama but Vanraj is forcing her to become one.

Kavya overhears Vanraj and Anupama

Anupama walks away and Vanraj hears someone crying but he does not see anyone around. Anupama remembers her conversation with Vanraj and she is very angry.

Kavya walks into her bedroom crying. She picks up the phone and speaks to Anirudh to meet. Vanraj is sitting sadly outside and remembers Anupama saying she is very happy with her husband and daughter.

Sampat is Maaya’s husband

Sampat speaks to Maaya and asks her where she was all these days. Anuj asks Maaya who he is. Maaya is scared, holds Anuj’s hand, and pleads with him to leave. Sampat asks Maaya whom she was flirting with all these days.. was it Anuj. Sampat holds Maaya’s hand and tries to pull her but Anuj intervenes. Anuj asks him what right he has to hold Maaya’s hand. Sampat replies by saying Maaya is his wife. Anuj replies saying that no man has any right to misbehave with a woman be it his mother, sister, wife or daughter.

Anupama is desperately trying to contact Anuj but both Anuj and Maaya are not picking up their phone. She has the organizer’s number but has left it at home.

Sampat tells Anuj that she has enticed many men in the past and now it’s his turn. Sampat pulls Maaya’s shawl. Anuj checks with Maaya if she is okay. Anuj and Sampat get into a physical fight.

Anupama is feeling uneasy and hoping that Anuj is okay.

Sampat asks Anuj what is the relationship between him and Maaya. Anuj replies saying that Maaya is the mother of his daughter. Anuj bashes Sampat. Maaya remembers pleading for help in the past. Anuj tries to strangulate Sambhav in anger but Maaya makes him stop taking Little Anu’s oath. He warns Sampat that in future if he ever tries to misbehave with any woman he will break his bones. He also warns him not to come close to Maaya in the future.

Anupama is praying that all is well with Anuj. She is feeling very uneasy and nervous.

Anuj picks up the shawl and wraps it around Maaya. Maaya gets emotional. She hugs Anuj. Anuj keeps his hands away from her and asks her to calm down and stop crying. Maaya says its the first time a man has fought for her. She has always experienced men fighting with her.

Anupama joins hand and prays for everything to be okay. She is still not able to contact Anuj.

Maaya kisses Anuj on his cheek. He gets angry and pushes her away. He requests her again to stop crying. He asks her to make a police complaint against Sampat. Anuj’s hand is bleeding. Maaya tears up her saree and ties the wound. Maaya tries explaining to Anuj that whatever she did was out of respect and she did not have any wrong intentions in mind. Maaya requests Anuj not to tell Anupama anything that has happened today as she will not understand anything and it will only create problems.

Anuj and Maaya walk back in their own thoughts. Anuj searches for his phone before going back to his tent to sleep. He finds the phone under the bag. Maaya gets worried seeing him check the phone.

Little Anu is hungry so Maaya asks Anuj to stop the car somewhere to eat. Anuj refuses because Anupama is waiting for them at home.

Anupama is getting impatient and is waiting for Anuj because she wants to share all that Vanraj said to her.

Anuj and Maaya’s secret

Precap: Outside the car halts and Maaya again requests Anuj not to share anything with Anupama as she will not understand and it will only cause pain. Anupama walks in just then and asks what she will not understand.

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