Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 3 5th June 2023 Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 5th June 2023 Written Update on

Priya argues with Ritika and Anju. She says Yuvraj broke the relationship, and you have broken my self-respect. He deserted me, and I embraced it. Please accept it as well. Ram says we’ll end it today. Ritika says her friend has called and said Ram has bought all the footage, and Yuvraj is going to win.

It’s about love, Priya says. Ritika says Yuvraj lied to Ram, meet Ram and tell him Yuvraj is wrong, please think. Ram calls Priya. She says you think I’m Yuvraj’s psycho lover, so I don’t want to explain. He says I want to speak with you.

He says I couldn’t talk to you, I don’t intend to hurt anyone, it’s about love, can we meet once and talk about it? Ram’s mum hears him and thinks Ram loves her a lot. Priya acknowledges, “Sometimes, we forget that there is someone else in our lover’s life.” Ram responds, “I questioned Yuvraj, and he informed me that he was single. Alika chose to proceed, and she was upset.”

When she asks, who do you believe? He says Yuvraj is loyal and hardworking. He doesn’t mention about his girlfriend. She says then he is true, why are you talking to me. He says let it be, I want to meet you. She says it’s fine. Ram’s mum plays the footage and sees her. She says she’s that dentist. She recalls and says it means Ram and that dentist, I like her so much, she’s so beautiful and caring, maybe they had a tiff, which upset him. I’ll find out.

Priya thinks Ram isn’t wrong, he is worried about his friend, what to do, should I meet him? Ram’s mum dances and talks to her husband’s picture. She tells about Ram and Priya. She smiles. Ram tells Alika about Priya. Ram’s mum asks him to speak to Priya about her wisdom tooth pain. He asks why we would go there.

She says she had a healing touch in her hand. He says I don’t have her number. She says to lie. Sona asks what your plan is. Ram says nothing. She says we’re having dinner tonight. He says yes. He gets a call. He leaves. Priya says we should meet, can we meet today? Ram says yes. His mum tries to hear them. Ram says I’ll see you. Ram’s mum smiles. Ram’s dinner has to be cancelled since I have urgent work in the office.

As Yuvraj and Akhil drink, Yuvraj says I’m worried. Ram’s going to meet Priya. Akhil says to call Priya and ask her not to tell Ram the truth. Alika doubts me, and Yuvraj says her mother created a scene. Priya’s parents are hearing news about gangsters fleeing from jail. They call Priya and ask her to return home soon.

Aja inquires why Priya is upset. Priya responds, “I have a meeting, so I will be late.” Ram is on his way and expresses, “I don’t want to return home.” During his conversation with Alika, he mentions his intention to meet Priya, as the police are currently searching for the gangsters. Ram admits, “I’m still here, and I’ve asked Priya about Yuvraj, but she hasn’t replied.” Alika advises him to uncover the truth, emphasizing, “I am clear this time.”

Ram meets Priya. He says we can sit in the car and talk. She sits in the car. He eats the snacks and says I am hungry. She asked if it would be okay if we talked. He asks when did she meet Yuvraj, did she break up the same day when he started the relationship with Alika, and if he left to date a rich guy, then it’s wrong. They argue. Gangsters and the police reach the location. She says you called.


A gangster catches Priya and Ram. Ram says nothing should happen to us. Priya is attacked. Ram is shot by the goon.

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