Faltu 26th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu says I want everyone to call me Anmol. Jamuna and Lajwanti arrive. Jamuna says you were always precious, but I couldn’t understand. Faltu stumbles and Jamuna carries her.

During their tears and hugs, Faltu says he has always remembered how much you love him, and he has never been able to complain about him. Jamuna says I longed for a son, I’m proud to have you as my child, I got late in valuing you, but you are far better than many sons, you’re a symbol of power, you’re my daughter, my Anmol, I told you bad things. I apologize.

Jamuna says I will get you better soon and then I will see you as a big cricketer. Pratap asks how you came soon. Jamuna says we could not stay there. Charan says I will speak to the house owner. Jamuna asks Faltu how she is doing. Amar calls Lajwanti. She goes outside and sees him. She calls him and asks what he is doing here. He says I came here to help you, and I will stay in this locality.

I am standing behind you, she says, as she talks to Ayaan and Tanisha about their honeymoon. Sid thinks sorry Tanu, but your dream won’t come true. Ayaan sends a courier. The servant checks and says who sent me a pen drive. Tanisha tells him to focus on this first, it will be a project detail file. She asks the servant to keep the pen drive near Ayaan’s laptop.

Sid thinks it’s fine if he sees it later. Jamuna feeds the food to Faltu. They get emotional. Jamuna asks did you do any puja. Charan says no. Pratap says Faltu does Matarani puja every day. It will be Faltu’s operation tomorrow, so she asks Charan to get suji, sugar, and ghee. Charan agrees. Lajwanti receives Amar’s message. She replies I will get dinner for you.

Faltu misses Ayaan. Ayaan checks the pen drive, then Tanisha tells him Kanika and Janardhan are calling for imp work. Ayaan leaves. Janardhan tells Kanika to think again, Sid is new and cannot handle all the work. She recalls Tanisha’s words about preparing Sid as Ayaan’s alternative.

She says Ayaan was single before, he was able to devote his entire time to business, and I want him to live a happy married life with Tanisha. I want to test Sid now, when will he learn, Tanisha will receive my shares, you will receive your shares, we have to prepare them.

Kanika says we called you to make an announcement. We decided Sid will handle our business. Sid smiles. Ayaan worries. Jamuna waits for Lajwanti. Faltu tells her not to worry, she would have gone outside for fresh air, she got separated from her husband. Lajwanti comes in. Faltu asks if she is hiding anything.

The new mart must be opened soon, it’s a big responsibility. Lajwanti says no. Faltu says I can catch your lie, tell me. Lajwanti says you got smart, there is nothing to say. Faltu thinks something is hidden. Kanika says Ayaan will handle the new mart. Asked how Sid will handle the business alone, she replies that we will help him. Ayaan says that since the new mart work is already underway, I can handle other projects as well.

I agree with Kanika, you have family responsibilities on you, this won’t come back again, the business will continue. Sid thinks I have the business and Tanisha as well. He thanks them for trusting him.

Sid says Ayaan has handled the business well so far. He hugs Ayaan. Tanisha gets honeymoon tips from Kinshuk and Ayesha. Suhana asks Tanisha to shop for them. Ayaan asks Tanisha for the laptop. She says she kept the laptop and pendrive in the cupboard, sit and talk, and he says I have work. She asks everyone to give them some personal space.


Tanisha scolds Sid. She asks what you want. Ayaan checks the pendrive.

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