Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode 14th September 2023: Ishan’s Emotional Outburst


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Isha approaches Ishan with a cake, but Surekha attempts to intervene. Yashwant then requests that Isha hold off for a moment. Despite this, Isha still extends her birthday wishes to Ishan. However, he swiftly discards the cake and points out that their family’s gathering is not open to outsiders. In response, Isha explains her intention to wish him well on his special day. Ishan retorts that since she knows he cannot stand her presence, why bother showing up? Nonetheless, Isha insists she was just on her way out when she decided to stop by and extend her greetings. But Ishan firmly believes that she had long departed from their lives and should now leave before he has to remove her from the premises forcibly.

It’s Isha’s son’s birthday, and the question arises: should she bless him? Shantanu advises him to remain calm, reminding everyone that it’s also his son’s special day. Ishan, however, expresses his hurt and frustration, stating that she cannot bless him because she abandoned him when he needed her the most. He feels she is now reaping the benefits of his growth after leaving him. Isha defends herself, saying she never forgot him and loves him deeply. Despite this, Ishan shares his pain, recounting how he used to wait for her every day, longing for her return, but she never returned.

Shantanu asks Ishan if he has ever attempted to understand why his mother left him. Surekha comforts him when Ishan asks if he has ever tried to understand him or ever asked him what he is going through, why he brought her here when he doesn’t need her now, why she didn’t attend even one birthday, why she must not be aware of his birthday, and why she didn’t contact him because she didn’t need him.

Isha claims to have monitored every breath her son takes, having given birth to him and harbouring immense love for him. However, Ishan denies needing her affection and attributes his blood donation to her solely as a means of saving her life, nothing more. He insists on disassociating himself from her and cannot tolerate her presence. Savi interjects, pointing out that their parents put up with Ishan’s misbehaviour instead. She questions why their mother would even bother writing letters for each of his birthdays if he didn’t matter to her. Reading aloud the letters from his 11th birthday until he turned 21, Savi urges Ishan to read them himself and understand the depth of their mother’s love for him. In frustration, Ishan tears and burns the letters.

Yashwant and Surekha grin at the scene before them. Savi calls out for Ishan sir, while Isha breaks down and clings to him. However, Ishan pushes her away, rejecting her letters and herself. He reminds her he has no mother, as she left him when she left their family. He tells her to focus on her career instead of worrying about them, as they have learned to live without her. As he walks away with Yashwant and the others, Isha stumbles. Shantanu catches her, and Savi sheds tears at Isha’s state.

Isha apologizes for taking Savi to Ishan’s birthday party. She says she thought Ishan wouldn’t misbehave with her on his birthday. She will confront Ishan and bring him here. Shantanu asks her to bring some water for her madam. She does. He offers water to Isha. Savi asks him to comfort her madam. Isha’s mind is somewhere else. Ishan’s words deeply hurt her, so they should leave her alone for a while. Savi says she cannot live alone with her madam.

Savi says Isha came to the college for an inspection, but someone shot her just as she was about to leave. Shantanu asks why Isha is injured and in Pune. Then, she apologizes for not telling him about Isha’s condition since Isha needed his help. Shantanu claims the person who had to support Isha humiliated her. After confronting Ishan, he leaves, saying he has some work.


They find Isha missing from the hotel room. Isha walks towards a smiling boy. Shantanu informs Savi that Isha is not opening the hotel room. Her path is blocked by a speeding truck.

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