Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2024: RV’s Surprising Decision Shocks Everyone

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Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode commences with RV recounting his experience during the riots when he witnessed goons attacking Poorvi. Dada Ji confirms that it was Poorvi, to which Harleen adds by asking if she is the same girl who saved his life. Curiosity sparks within Harman as he inquires about what happened next. RV then reveals how he bravely intervened to rescue her and spills all the details. He expresses his anguish over how people started maligning her image, even though she is a person of integrity and purity, much like River Ganga. His heart ached for her, and he couldn’t stand the thought of her reputation being tarnished because of him. Hence, he took a drastic step…prompting Harleen to urge him to continue speaking.

RV has filled kumkum in Poorvi’s maang, causing Dada ji to smile. Upon being released on bail, Jasbir emerges from the lockup and requests the Inspector to consider his superior’s understanding regarding the prison’s upkeep. He notes the presence of numerous mosquitoes and questions why Bhushan ji plays guard duty when he is an accountant. Curious about Bhushan’s actions, Jasbir asks if his father has died. Bhushan clarifies that RV has placed sindoor in Poorvi’s maang and promised marriage. This news angers Jasbir, and he violently confronts Bhushan, accusing him of lying. In response, Bhushan suggests watching a video where RV performs the religious ritual on Poorvi. Fueled by anger, Jasbir throws the phone away in frustration.

RV announces to his family that although he understands they are all surprised, he has made up his mind and is committed to following through with his decision. Dada ji reassures RV that there is no need to worry and that the entire family stands by him. Taking charge of the situation, RV declares that he will make all the necessary arrangements. However, Vikrant questions how RV can handle everything for his wedding. Dada ji clarifies that others will also lend a hand, such as Dadi and Harleen going shopping and Damini taking care of the catering as she is an excellent cook.

Harman inquires about my role and whether I will be playing the dhol. Dada Ji assured me I would assist him and handle all his tasks. He mentions delegating responsibilities based on our strengths. Yug also wonders what he will be doing, to which Dada ji responds with a simple “nothing.” However, Yug is willing to support his brother and serve as his best man. Dada ji then instructs him to sit behind him. He boasts about the grandeur of the upcoming wedding and how it will become the talk of the town. Dada Ji then asks RV to contact Poorvi’s mother, but RV explains that he doesn’t have her number. Yug suggests using Poorvi’s contact information instead, to which RV agrees.

As Vishaka reaches for the ringing phone, Ashok suddenly intervenes, convinced that it must be a call from RV’s family. He praises RV’s sincerity, noting that every positive thing he said about Poorvi was heartfelt and moving. RV is certain of Poorvi’s goodness, honesty, and truthfulness, and his household must make this call. Recognizing the importance of the call, Vishaka delegates Prachi to answer it. Prachi picks up the receiver and greets the caller. Dada ji immediately asks if she recognizes him, but Prachi denies it. Undeterred, Dada ji confidently reveals himself as RV’s grandfather. Prachi politely responds by touching her feet in respect and calling him “Dada Ji.”

According to Dada Ji, RV has impressed everyone and has taken a wise step. He believes that a positive outcome justifies all actions and likens RV’s importance in our lives to Poorvi’s importance in yours. Prachi agrees, prompting Dada ji to suggest a dinner date for RV and Poorvi. This would allow them to express their feelings, as marriage is a lifelong commitment. He then asks Yug to call Poorvi’s number and Prachi to put the call on speaker.

Prachi requests that she answer the phone call. Poorvi picks it up and puts it on speaker. Dada ji introduces himself as RV’s grandfather and invites them for dinner. He asks if Poorvi can go with RV at 9 pm tonight and mentions a family gathering planned for tomorrow. Prachi gives her approval. Dada Ji clarified whether Prachi had given permission. Poorvi confirms that Prachi has given her the green light. Dada ji expresses his blessing, regardless of their decision. Vishaka inquires about what Poorvi will wear and is thrilled about the news.

Jasbir sees the video and asks Shera to come. Shera asks where and says we will not go anywhere now since you are angry. Jasbir says I will kill RV and asks why you do not understand. He says Chacha didn’t do anything, so I must do it myself. He comes there and hugs Jasbir. He asks what happened. Jasbir says he is in jail, so he feels suffocated. Chacha asks him to go. He asks the guard to be with Jasbir.

At 8:55 pm, Vishaka called Poorvi to check if she was ready. Just as Diya arrived, Vishaka addressed her as Poorvi and made the call. After Poorvi finally arrived, Vishaka shared thoughts about Khushi’s marriage and the groom’s wealth. However, she also expressed concern about his drinking habits and potential girlfriends. She reminded Poorvi that he had chosen her for marriage and made a bold decision. In a serious tone, she advised her to be observant and not end up divorced in the future. These words left Poorvi deep in thought.

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