Kumkum Bhagya 18th February, 2023 Written Episode

Prachi tells the Salesguy that she will thank him. The salesman is wearing a pink shirt. Prachi thanks another guy for backing off from buying the frock. Ranbir looks for the lady, but she is gone. Prachi tells Khushi she can shop fast, and she asks her to try the clothes on in the trial room.

Prachi convinces Khushi to try the dresses and says she’ll come with you. Priya calls her and Khushi is asked to try each dress one at a time. She tells Priya that she won’t be able to attend the meeting. Prachi says I have some important work and can’t come today. Priya says Tandon Sir has gone to the meeting. She will send her the address. Prachi ends the call and leaves.

He asks the salesman if he came to get the frock and he says he gave it to Khushi’s mother. He says he did right and tells that he came to get the sarees. Khushi’s mother thanked you outside. Ranbir asks if she came back. The salesman says he didn’t know.

Khushi comes out of the trial room and shows Prachi her dress. Ranbir goes to check on Khushi’s mother, worried for Khushi. Kaya senses someone’s presence, gets scared, and sits in the car.

Khushi says Shiv chose my dress, but she can’t have a costly dress. Prachi asks if you don’t want me to be happy of doing something for my daughter, don’t you want me to feel good?

It is my pleasure to be your happiness, Khushi says. She asks her to try other clothes. Prachi misses her daughter Panchi. Khushi asks her to tie the button. Prachi helps her in the trial room. When Ranbir arrives there, he doesn’t see Khushi. The salesgirl says she might have left. Ranbir says you will make a good salesgirl. Prachi likes the dress and asks Khushi to try it on again.

Prachi asks Khushi not to change clothes and says we will get them billed and go to lunch. Ranbir comes to the car and sees Kaya. Kaya asks why did you take so long? Ranbir answers, “I’m not your driver.”.

As Kaya asks him to drive fast, she says she will hire a driver for her. She is scared. Ranbir starts the car and hits the other car. He thinks the car is scratched, and tells God that he made a mistake, and apologizes for it. He sits in the car and is about to drive, when he sees Prachi and Khushi, but is unable to see their faces.

Prachi sees the scratch and tells him he has to pay compensation. She writes down the car number. A black car is parked there, which scared Kaya.

Khushi asks if this is your home. Prachi says yes. Dadi opens the door. Prachi hugs her. Shahana surprised Prachi. Prachi asks if Priya told you about this.

Ashok finalized this house in the morning, and we came straight from the airport. Khushi is hiding behind Prachi, who tells them that she writes her prediction on paper and spreads happiness.

Dadi asks Khushi why she fell on the road. Khushi says she sells flowers with her mother. Dadi says you work at this age. Khushi says she helps her mother and gets happiness out of doing so.

Prachi says I will make something. Shahana says I have made matar paneer. Dadi says even me. Khushi feels pain in her stomach.

Shahana says you order like me. Khushi says she can’t order Maayi, as she scolds her much. Shahana and Dadi feel bad for Khushi. Prachi says she calls me Mamma, because she thinks I’m Mamma who travels in a car.

Shahana asks Khushi to show Shahana the clothes she bought today. Prachi prepares food for Khushi. Dadi gets emotional seeing Prachi’s happiness. Khushi shows Shahana her dresses.

Kaya tells Ranbir it is not his job to ask me whether I am fine, and asks him to complete the project, and then she can tell him if it is good or not.

In response, Ranbir asks what is her problem. She sees the black door, and her hands shake up. Ranbir feels she makes everyone afraid, and wonders why she is afraid.

Laali tells Ranbir that Khushi is not your daughter and that they just need money. She says her world is Khushi’s and who is Khushi’s world.

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