Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 28th June 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 28th June 2023 on

Surilii says, “I will fix the toran, it’s auspicious.” Rani Maa asks what’s going on. Shiv says relax, the palace got many colours, and it’s a welcome change to see bright colours. Raghu wakes up when Swati calls, telling him to have a Gujarati wedding, not a Punjabi one. He says don’t worry, Surilii has taken this responsibility.

Swati asks you did you see the wedding invite, it is tacky nonsense, how did Rani Maa approve this, she will be happy with the cards I ordered. He says Surii’s choice. She asks what, didn’t she leave? She says Rani Maa has stopped her, she is taking care of little things, and Samar’s event company is handling our wedding. She says stop her. He asks how I can stop her. Sasha and Maasi talk. Maasi says fine, I’ll stop her, what’s the name of her café?

Sasha says we should prepare to meet Surilii. The man says he is from Ranakgarh. He gives the wedding invitation. Surilii shows it to Rani Maa. Shiv likes it. Rani Maa checks it. Surilii smiles. Rani Maa asks Shiv to send the invites. Surilii asks why. He says we send the invites. She says Rani Maa should go give the first invitation, come with me, and then decide. She agrees.

Surilii says Maa has come to give the invite. She surprises Rani Maa by showing the Ganpati idol. Rani Maa smiles and they all pray. Surilii insists on inviting Bappa, as she believes that he will bless the couple. The pandit greets them, and Surilii mentions that she has invited the pandit who performs puja at the palace.

You did a good job, Raidi Maa says, but you forgot Swati and her family, this puja is incomplete without them. Surilii says I’ve invited them to puja. Madhu says we’re already late, Swati will come. Swati suggests that they can wait for the bride to arrive. Madhu asks if they have kept the first card to offer to Ganpati.

Despite this, Swati says I don’t believe in it, I sent the first invitation. Madhu asks what, and Ganpati is given the first invite. Swati says we should leave. Pandit says it’s not good to delay the puja. Rani Maa asks did you tell them the time. Surilii says yes. They do the puja without making Bappa wait. Rani Maa says we won’t wait for them.

Surilii prays. Surilii, Rani Maa and her sons keep the invite. Shiv signs Maan and all. They step forward. Rani Maa and Surilii pray. Pandit blesses them. Swati and her parents come. Raghu says Swati and her family have come. The puja is over. Madhu says we got late, so Swati gets Rani Maa’s blessing. Be careful, this won’t happen again, says Rani Maa.

Surilii asks Swati to put the card at Bappa’s feet. Maasi, Sasha and Diya arrive home and love the palace. Swati acts sweet and says I sent the first card before Surilii called me. Rani Maa asks who can be more important than Ganpati ji. As Maasi greets them, Surilii smiles. Surilii hugs them. Swati says it will be fun now.

Sasha asks Maasi to control her emotions. Diya says I missed you so much. Surilii says I don’t know why I didn’t see you. Diya hugs Diya. She thanks Maasi for coming. Maasi compliments the good work. Rani Maa taunts her. Maasi says you joke a lot. She asks Rani Maa to hug her. Rani Maa hugs her.


In response, Rani Maa asks Shiv to give the clothes to Surilii and her family. Samar cuts the wire and tells Monty to load the gun.

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