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Earlier, Kumkum gifted a saree to Faltu. Faltu asked Kumkum, did you take it for me? Kumkum said no. She pointed towards Ayaan. Janardhan said it would suit you. Sumitra acted sweet. Faltu gave the gifts to Sumitra, Sid and Tanu. They thanked Faltu.

Even though we did a lot with you, Sumitra says you show respect to us, you have a big heart. Tanu thanks Faltu and Janardhan. Sid thanks him as well. Janardhan says Kanika is in jail, Tanu is our responsibility, walk on the right path, forget the old things, I hope Kanika realizes this and chooses a path like you. Sumitra thanks him for his advice.

Ayaan discloses that Govind had planned to divorce her, prompting her to plead for another opportunity. Faltu interjects, stating that Govind deeply loves Ayaan, as he confessed to Faltu in a fit of anger. Sid implores Ayaan to forgive him for bringing the family together, and Ayaan agrees, embracing Sid. Ayaan expresses that she never distinguished between Kinshuk and Sid, emphasizing that this family and business belong to both of them. Together, they must confront the world, rather than compete against each other.

A girl assumes Faltu’s disguise, and Ruhaan performs alongside her, capturing a video of their act. The manager reassures Ruhaan not to be concerned. Tanu approaches them, apologizing and requesting an opportunity to rectify her mistake. Ayaan forgives her, expressing that it’s alright, and he hopes Tanu reverts to her previous self. Tanu expresses her gratitude to Ayaan.

Assumitra reports that everyone is fine, we can party well, and I’ll invite my friends. Tanu thinks that finally Ayaan has shown faith in me, but now he can’t save Faltu, so he made me think negatively about this family. Ruhaan checks the pictures. He requests the man to meticulously superimpose Faltu’s face. The man assures him not to worry.

I will play my game alone, I will telecast Faltu’s cheat live, I will see if Ayaan’s faith in Faltu is strong, Ruhaan says Tanisha if you cannot be loyal to your mum, you can’t be loyal to me. Harsh checks decorations. He gets a call. Faltu also helps the family. She remembers Ayaan’s words and goes. Tanu gets the pictures from Ruhaan. She smiles.

Upon receiving his call, she acknowledges having seen the photos. Ruhaan confirms and mentions having made substantial payments, urging her to wait and witness the drama unfold at the party. She informs him that they will meet in the evening. Ruhaan instructs her to give the day off to all the servants.

Daima and Shanaya have reached Nainital. Ruhaan says enjoy your last moments with family, Faltu, then I will snatch Janardhan’s backbone as he did with my father.

Ayaan has caused a great deal of harm to Faltu. She accidentally bumps into him and they both approach Janardhan. Janardhan instructs them to gaze into each other’s eyes.

A party is scheduled to take place at home. Let go of your resentment, communicate, and resolve the issue. Present yourselves as a strong couple. Every couple argues, but they find a resolution at the right time. Ayaan assures that you will see us happy at the party, I promise. Janardhan mentions Faltu’s lie and questions why you banned her from the cricket academy, was it necessary?

Ayaan expresses his willingness to accompany her to the party and suggests asking her. Janardhan advises against spoiling the relationship while acknowledging Ayaan’s significant contributions to the family. He wishes for both of you to be happy. Faltu pledges to give her best effort and promises to try. As she departs and encounters Ayaan, he remarks that the family shouldn’t suffer. She assures him that she understands and cares for them.

Sumitra exclaims that everything went smoothly, suggesting they take a selfie. However, Govind cautions her and departs. Undeterred, Sumitra remarks that he should go and clarify things with Ayaan and Faltu, who constantly bicker and remain resentful. She predicts that at the party, they will maintain a facade of fake smiles. Meanwhile, as Faltu prepares herself, she contemplates Ayaan, vowing to never break her promise to him. Perplexed, she wonders why her clothes in the closet are not arranged properly.


Ruhaan asserts that when he desires something, he goes to any extent to attain it. Janardhan expresses admiration for Faltu in the presence of the guests, proclaiming his pride in her being Ayaan’s wife and his daughter-in-law.


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