Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th February 2023 Written Episode Update


Initially, Garry claims Seerat is the girl he dreamed of, but then acts apologetic and says she is marrying Angad and he doesn’t want to interfere. Angad says she should return home and fix her alliance with Angad. Seerat thinks she should reject Angad and choose him. Seerat reveals she prefers him rather than Garry and wishes to marry him instead.

Angad is looking for Seerat when Sahiba walks into the room. Santosh serves Brars only Indian snacks. Jasleen believes you cannot hide your truth, Santosh’s truth is out. Santosh asks them to try it. Manveer says Angad doesn’t like oily food. Ajith says it is cooked by his sister with less oil and spices, so he guarantees they will like it. Jaspal takes the snacks first and asks everyone to try them out. Santosh hopes Brars are satisfied with it.

In the room of an unknown couple, Sahiba apologizes and searches for Seerat again, and Seerat gets tense when she hears her voice. Seerat knocks on the door. Garry asks who she is looking for since it is a VIP area and she cannot disturb guests. Seerat and Garry walk behind Sahiba when she is with the security officer.

In the room, Sahiba finds no one. The security officer calls the guards, and Sahiba is sent out. Sahiba finds Seerat and tongue lashed her for coming here uninformed instead of going to the parlour while Brars are awaiting her at Sudha’s house. It seems that Seerat wants to change the subject and suggests they go home first. Sahiba is adamant to find out why.

Santosh lies that Seerat prepared them with utmost care. Ajith asks Sudha why Santosh is lying so much. Santosh continues to cover Seerat’s mistakes.

Keerat gets in Veer’s car and asks him to drop her at Sudha’s house. Veer says not today as he needs to reach his family who will fix his brother’s alliance. Keerat thinks he does not know that his brother’s alliance is with her sister and continues to mock him.

Santosh gives excuses again, but Manveer loses patience and asks him to call Seerat. Manveer becomes angry and says even though Seerat is beautiful and sanskari, she cannot waste their time, so they must leave. As Santosh recalls a saint’s prediction that Seerat’s marriage will face a lot of hurdles, he urges Manveer not to rush into decisions.

Precap: Angad asks Sahiba what she’s doing here and asks Seerat if she knows Sahiba. Manveer asks Angad to calm down and says he knows why Sahiba is here. Sahiba fears Angad is telling the truth. Angad holds Sahiba’s hand and prevents her from leaving. Ajith enters and stops Angad.

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