Faltu 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

The Faltu 29th November 2022 Written Episode

The episode starts with Faltu saying I won’t go to Ayaan’s house, I’ll deal with Pappi when he comes here. Bua says Ayaan would be worried for you, so we have to go there, just come. Faltu nods. Tanisha asks Ayaan to give priority to their marriage. He says I didn’t get any time to freshen up, it was Alok’s call. She says sorry, come for the dance. Sid says I’m seeing Ayaan’s destruction. He asks Sumitra to remain patient.

Ayaan apologized to Tanisha, while the man questioned why she hadn’t taken more caution. Tanisha requested Ayaan to pay full attention and Janardhan explained his difficulty in shifting away from business to dancing. Kanika entreated Sandeep to provide Ayaan with simpler steps and Kinshuk made a joke. Pappi, alongside some goons, visited Rijula’s residence where he loudly pounded on the entrance; however, Ratan pointed out that everyone had already left, which infuriated him further. Faltu thought about Ayaan as everyone applauded for the couple; moreover, Savita declared that Janardhan had hurried off to greet the minister at the airport.

Tanisha inquired of Ayaan if he was expecting someone, however he replied no, it had been a stressful day at work which is why he wasn’t going out. Sid wondered why Pappi hadn’t called Faltu. She was awestruck by the skylines of the tall structures and joked about it. Alok tartly described her as being cute. Bua mentioned that these buildings have lifts to reach higher levels and Faltu couldn’t contain her joy at the thought. Alok suggested they all go get Ayaan’s favourite dish but Faltu declined and said she didn’t want anything. Sid then recalled that Bua’s house was locked and said not to do anything until he had more information.

She jokes and says Pappi has come here, our rounds are happening. She jokes. He asks what’s this. She ends the call. She talks to the driver. She misses her brother Pratap. Janardhan gets stuck on the way. He asks the driver to move the kids. She ends call. She talks to the driver. She says we’ll come in sometime, Bua and Alok went to buy sweets. He asks the driver to move the kids. A boy falls.

Janardhan says come, we are late. Faltu goes to shout at Janardhan. He gets down the car. He asks her to get out. The driver says that he is a rich man, so he should talk to him well. Janardhan shouts at Faltu. Driver pushes her into the dirty water. She splashes the dirty water all over them. Janardhan says to her, illiterate girl, I don’t have time to teach you a lesson, otherwise I would have taught you a lesson. He leaves in the car.

She says I feel I saw him before. Alok and Bua arrive and ask what happened to you. Faltu replies that I taught a lesson to that man who was beating little kids. Bua says don’t worry. Ayaan coughs. Tanisha cares for him. Everyone smiles. Janardhan returns home. Upon asking who did it, Ayaan and Savita discover that an ill-mannered, illiterate, and uncultured girl came in front of the car and misbehaved with me.

Ayaan questions who the girl was. Janardhan decides to answer her later, for now he instructs them to attend the guests – Alok, Bua and Dadi arriving at the huge house. Faltu is pleasantly surprised and comments on the grandeur of Ayaan’s residence and wonders if anything would happen if she goes in there. Bua reassures her it won’t and so they enter. Servant announces that Rijula has arrived and immediately Ayaan wants to know more about her. Janardhan reminds them to give this new person respect as she is family of the same house, while Sid notices their presence with a thought of wondering where Faltu had gone missing. Yet, before he has to look too far, Faltu joins them with a smile on her face.

The precap:

As Ayaan watches, Janardhan scolds Faltu. Faltu shouts enough.

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