Kumkum Bhagya 25th July 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Akshay tells Abhay that he will not tolerate anyone trying to take away Prachi, expressing concern for an event that began with the Kumkum incident. Abhay advises him to prevent negative thoughts from entering his mind. Ranbir is reminded of Prachi’s words regarding Akshay wiping kumkum on her forehead despite it causing her discomfort. He signals to her that the saree she is trying on isn’t suitable, something which Akshay disagrees with.

Seeing Prachi holding Akshay’s shoulder, Ranbir looks upset. Akshay picks up the saree with his hand and cleans it. He then gives it to Prachi for the trial. Prachi enters the trial room. Akshay tells Ranbir he wants to speak to him. Ranbir says he wants to speak to me as well.

When Mihika asks Divya to hold the things she’s chosen, Divya replies, “I’ve come here for you too.” She says even I’ve come to shop and asks her to hold the dresses while she picks out her own dress. The guy is seen walking there, and Mihika senses someone’s presence. Divya asks if you are ignoring me and says she will go. She asks her to be with her. As her hands start shaking, Mihika feels like someone is watching her.

Akshay tells Ranbir what’s wrong. Akshay says you. Ranbir says I know the reason, but I want to hear it from you. Akshay says I feel that you want to separate Prachi and me from you. Ranbir praises his courage to ask the question. Akshay thanks him and says he has shown my courage and asks him to do the same. He tells him not to challenge his guts and asks, “Who is coming between us?”

He warns Ranbir and asks him not to do it. Ranbir agrees. Akshay asks what is the problem? He says I mistakenly put kumkum in Prachi’s maang, and your behaviour changed suddenly. Akshay asks if Prachi told you. Akshay asks if Prachi told you. Ranbir says no, everyone saw your behaviour and asked him not to do it. Akshay tells him not to act foolishly as he does not like it either.

She tells Divya she likes the dress, Divya says she likes it, as does she. She asks Divya to keep it, and then says she’ll try it out. Divya agrees. As Mihika was walking toward the trial room, a guy suddenly came in front of her and took her aside. When she looked at him, she said, “Mayank….you.” Mayank replied, “I love you and I know that even you love me.” He said, “You love me too.”

Prachi tries on the saree that Sunita selected, chosen by Ranbir. She approves of it and Sunita remarks that he truly knows what is good, being Prachi’s ex. Despite the apparent quality of the choice though, Prachi reflects on her experiences with Ranbir, and tells Sunita that appearances can be deceiving; he had gone off with someone else multiple times.

Mihika pleads with Mayank to let her go, frightened by his tight grip. He eventually releases her and reminds her of all the 500 messages she sent him, noting that he had come to her house to console her in times of need. Mihika reproaches him by saying that if he truly loved her he wouldn’t have married someone else. He responds haughtily that he will only love her, and notices Ranbir who was present at his wedding to Mihika. She goes to Ranbir and inquires about his opinion on her attire, implying that he is the one she prefers. This angers Mayank who ends up injuring himself in a fit of rage.


Mihika offers to help Prachi tie her lace. Prachi says I will do it. Ranbir is inside the trial room and asks shall I leave now. Mihika hears Ranbir and asks if he’s there too.


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