Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein, 5th May 2023 written update on worldofentertainment,in

Bhavani angrily curses Satya, and Virat orders her to leave. As she leaves, Amba breaks down in tears and the family attempts to comfort her. Sonali is concerned by Bhavani’s attitude and enquires Virat about what happened at the gathering. He reveals that Satya’s mother is Bhavani’s sister who had run away from home. Ashwini queries if this information is accurate, and Bhavani confirms it as true. Sonali then wonders if he and Sai are related, to which Bhavani replies negatively as she has been treating Amba like a stranger for a lengthy period of time.

Sai offers water to Amba, who declines. Satya grabs a glass of water. Amba inquires why Bhavani would belittle them in such a manner. Feeling sympathetic, Sai is crestfallen. Later on, she helps Amba drift off to sleep. She perceives her mother’s distress and informs Satya that Bhavani’s pride and good standing are paramount to her. Satya implores Sai to pledge she will not let his mother be disgraced once more. In response, she promises there will not be a repeat of what occurred.

Sonali says they won’t eat if Bhavani doesn’t eat. Ashwini asks where Paakhi is since she has been missing since the morning. Everyone says Paakhi and Vinu are missing. When Virat searches for Vinu and Paakhi on Vinu’s terrace, they aren’t there. He alerts the family members. Vinu pushes Virat and says he hates him. Virat goes to the terrace and sees Vinu.

Virat and his Family members questioned him about what was going on. Vinu replied harshly, telling them he wanted nothing to do with them. He then retreated into the house. Ashwini requested Virat to read Paakhi’s letter that she had left behind. In it, she explained that due to his family’s disapproval of her presence in his life, she had no choice but to leave. Bhavani inquired as to how Paakhi could be so rash in her actions. Virat believed both Paakhi and Sai were acting out of desperation and set out to find her himself.

Satya asked Amba to eat but she declined. Tai said Satya should go, adding that she could manage. Heeding her request, Satya departed. Amba commented that Bhavani had come to humiliate her because of Sai. Sai stepped in with Mango Mastani and told Amba not to give Bhavani any reasons to be correct. She requested Amba to have some of the sweet treat in order to maintain her sugar levels and show Bhavani that her family was looking after her. But Amba refused, stating that sweet words alone couldn’t change anything. Sai left the delicious snack behind with a wish that it be accepted, while Tai asked Amba to eat it as it signified Sai’s first prasad. Although perplexed by this since Satya disliked such dishes, Amba eventually gave in.

Virat calls Paakhi’s number. He notices Paakhi left her phone at home and sees Paakhi signed the divorce. He calls his team and asks them to look for Paakhi everywhere. Sai serves Mango Mastani to Satya and Saavi. Satya asks if she prepared it. Sai replies, “Everyone’s mood at home is bad so I prepared it.” Saavi says it’s her favourite. After Girija’s death, Satya refrained from eating Mango Mastani.

Mohit and Virat set out to search for Paakhi. Bhavani questions why Paakhi left. Ashwini scolds Bhavani, stating that Paakhi left because of her. Other family members intervene, urging them to stop arguing. Ninad and Omkar express their confusion about why Paakhi left Vinu in such a manner. Sonali sympathizes with Virat, mentioning that he lost both Sai and Paakhi, which makes her feel sorry for him.
The episode starts with Vinu calling Sai and telling her that his mom has left him. He says that you promised not to let anything happen to my family, but it has. Sai arrives at Chavan’s house to meet Vinu, but Virat refuses to let her in.

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