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As she anxiously awaits Sahiba to rescue her from the orphanage, Beena picks up her phone and dials Pratap’s number, searching for it. While Simran believes Sahiba called, he becomes tensed seeing Beena’s call. Pratap accuses the warden of stealing his mobile, since he had clicked her pic with money. The warden denies. Beena says Simran must have taken it. The phone shuts down. Simran wonders how Sahiba can get in touch with her.

At Brar mansion, Manveer notices Inder looking tensed and offers her support, encouraging him to share his problem with her. Surprised by the suggestion, he remarks that they have never shared their problems before. However, Manveer reassures him that they can now and inquires about the person he has been searching for in recent days. Inder denies looking for anyone and insists that it’s none of her business.

As they both head towards the party venue, Hansraj comments on Inder’s absence from their party, pointing out that she chose to attend Sahiba’s party instead.

Prabjyoth says they both attended their son’s organized party. Veer notices Angad’s car approaching and asks them to hide in order to surprise Sahiba. He switches off lights and peeps from the door. As Angad walks out, he thinks Sahiba must be behind. He signals everyone that Sahiba is here. Maids shower flowers on Angad. Everyone shouts surprise, happy birthday to Sahiba.

The Orphanage warden requests the staff to fetch the store room keys. Sahiba is spotted and the warden demands to know what she is doing there. Upon seeing her, he menaces to call the police. She declares that it has already been done and shortly after, they arrive. Sahiba complains of how the warden had sold some of the children in the orphanage to affluent people for money. The warden refutes this accusation, saying that Simran was not among those sold off. However, Sahiba retorts without mentioning her name specifically. The constable cautions him to tell where he had hidden that girl or else face consequences. In response, he agrees hurriedly before fleeing from there.

Reaching the storeroom, Sahiba looks for Simran and calls out their code word – chaat papdi. Hearing her name, Simran responds. The warden attempts to hit her with a rod but Sahiba stops her. Just then, the police arrives. Curious to know who wanted to adopt Simran, Sahiba questions her about the couple in the warden’s office; Pratap’s mobile phone has pictures of them as evidence. They discover a money bag too which leads them to arresting all three people – warden included – and carrying them away. After they are gone, Simran joyfully embraces Sahiba.

The family learns that when Angad reached Sahiba’s college, she wasn’t there and had just left. Jasleen, Seerat, Manveer, and others begin criticizing Sahiba. Inder and Manveer attempt to leave. Sahiba walks in with Simran. Simran happily runs and hugs Angad. Sahiba is surprised at her surprise birthday celebration.

Keerat says Angad is planning her surprise birthday party since 2 days ago. Sahiba thanks Angad. Angad asks her where she is. Sahiba admits that she got entangled in a problem and goes on to reveal how she rescued Simran. Inder is taken aback by this revelation and asks for the name of the orphanage. Sahiba discloses the name, leaving Inder wondering if this Simran is the same person he has been searching for. The drama unfolds with suspense and intrigue.


He asks Sahiba not to tell Manveer and Angad that Simran is his illegitimate daughter, as he believes she is the one he has been searching for in the whole Punjab. Angad is shocked to hear that Simran is his illegitimate daughter.

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