Kumkum Bhagya 1st August 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 1st August 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Mihika and Divya are searching for Prachi in the mall. Ranbir wonders where Prachi went, and she wants to give me tension. Mihika asks her to stop, while she checks here. The media queries the Inspector about his strategy to apprehend the culprits. Meanwhile, Ranbir wonders about Prachi’s whereabouts, suspecting that she might be intentionally trying to provoke him. On the other hand, Mihika spots Ranbir and chooses not to call him, opting instead to approach him directly.

Shera acquired all the information during the previous incident through live streaming of news, as per the inspector’s account. Therefore, it is premature to delve into our strategy at this moment. The reporter mentioned that there won’t be a live stream this time. During her conversation with the inspector, Shera informs him that he had assured her that he would spare the life of the person if they were innocent. However, in the current situation, someone involved is not innocent and has caused damage to her reputation.

Gazing at Prachi, he addresses the Inspector, stating, “You know how many people I’ve killed.” He goes on to affirm that this time, he will demand crores. The Inspector grants him a final opportunity to reform his ways. In response, Shera asserts confidently, “You will give me one last chance,” and advises the Inspector to step back and allow the robbers to plunder as they wish. He insists the Inspector should cease his meaningless banter and let him handle the situation. As the robbers bring the Manager to the scene, Shera inquires about the whereabouts of the key. The Manager appears visibly frightened and nervously clasps his hands together.

Dida and Pallavi spot Ranbir and Pallavi calls out to him. Ranbir glances at her and then receives a warm hug from Pallavi. Meanwhile, Mihika approaches the scene, but Mayank stops her and covers her mouth to prevent her from making any noise. From a distance, she observes Ranbir hugging Pallavi.

In another place, Shera instructs the Manager to hand over the keys. The Manager denies having the keys, and in response, Shera resorts to violence, beating him. Prachi intervenes, pleading with Shera not to harm the Manager. However, Shera sternly orders her to remain silent.

The manager says he doesn’t have the keys. Shera asks the robber to kill her. The robber asks the Manager and then shoots. He laughs and says that his aim hasn’t been missed, just that he has a chance. Shera asks the robber to take him and bring the keys and all the precious valuables. The manager says the key is wrapped in cloth and kept in a drawer in the clothes shop.

The robber orders him to bring Prachi along and warns that if her family does something wrong, he will kill them. Shera reinforces it by saying he will be the one to end their lives if they act smart. Pallavi feels as though all of the time, breath and life have been sucked away from her upon seeing Ranbir again. She enquires about his well-being and instructs him to hide as the place is not secure. As Ranbir moves closer to Dida, she notices Prachi and enquires about the situation. He requests that she keeps it a secret while swearing to Pallavi not to follow him.

Dida tells Pallavi not to think about anything, just to think that her son hugged her. She asks her to come with her. Mihika confronts Mayank, questioning what his problem is and insisting that he stay away from her. She warns him that she will not tolerate any further advances and threatens that she will not hesitate to take action if he touches her again. Unfazed, Mayank retorts, asking what she will do. He then tightly grips her hand.

I was your love, why you are changing, but I am still the same I love you the same and will not let you go away from me, Mihika asks. Mayank asks if you have gone mad. Mihika asks if you have gone mad. Mayank refuses to let go. Mihika bites on his neck. She asked him to leave her for the last time.

Mayank pushes her and slaps her. Mihika slaps him twice. She takes the hanger and hits him with it. Mayank hits her repeatedly with the same hanger. Ranbir comes there and calls Mihika. Mayank hides his face and runs. Ranbir asks Mihika who he was. Mihika says he was the thief and hit me because I did not give him the ring. He asks what the girl’s problem is, she doesn’t give her jewellery and you don’t give her the ring. Mihika asks who she is, and Ranbir says Prachi.

The robber told Manager to think of his family while the other robber warned that a single bullet could end everything. Ranbir and Mihika found themselves sitting with Akshay and others, and asked about Prachi and Divya. Akshay replied that he had no idea. The bandit then informed Ranbir that the girl wearing the mangalsutra was now working for them. At this moment, a woman attempted to flee, with Shera and company scrambling after her. This gave Ranbir an opportunity to make a dash for it, and when Shera noticed his absence he wondered aloud where he could be headed.

Ashok, Manpreet, and Vishaka arrive at the mall. Manpreet tells Ashok to go in and says our kids come here to shop. Vishaka also argues. Inspector asks them to leave there and says we will handle. Ashok assures them that they will be freed. Manager gets the keys and opens the jewelry collection store.

As the time runs out, the robber demands Prachi to hand over her mangalsutra. Prachi firmly declines. Undeterred, the robber insists on taking her mangalsutra and attempts to snatch it from her. Just as he reaches for her hand, Ranbir intervenes, grabbing hold of the robber’s hand. Ranbir fights back against the robbers and tries to escape with Prachi. In the midst of the struggle, one of the robbers hurls a gun at Ranbir, causing him to lose his balance and clutch his injured hand, leaving Prachi in shock.


When Prachi shouts for help, the robber takes out the knife and asks Prachi for mangalsutra. As he prepares to stab Prachi, Ranbir intervenes, gripping the knife, and his hand starts bleeding.


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