Faltu 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

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Dada ji urges Faltu to have her meal, and she requests his phone for an important call. After receiving the phone, she thanks him and leaves. Meanwhile, Sumitra assures Savita not to worry and suggests finding a suitable girl for Ayaan’s marriage. Savita, being Ayaan’s mother, expresses her inability to find peace in such circumstances. Sumitra suggests a girl who is her relative and proposes her as a potential match for Ayaan. However, Savita is not ready to consider the idea at the moment. Tanu overhears their conversation and adds her thoughts, suggesting that they should give Ayaan time to move on from his past relationship with Faltu. Sumitra insists that Ayaan must forget Faltu and move on. Later, Faltu calls Charan to meet and clear things up, but he advises her to go home as Ayaan has already served the divorce papers, implying there may be little they can do now. In the meantime, Tanu becomes angry when she sees Sumitra showing the girl’s picture to Savita. Tanu urges Sumitra to consider Ayaan’s happiness and to think about his well-being before making decisions about his marriage. Tanu suggests waiting until he fully recovers before arranging his marriage with a suitable girl. She sends Savita to rest and expresses her concerns about Sumitra’s actions, fearing that they might exacerbate the existing problems. Sumitra, however, is determined to investigate the situation further as she senses that something may be amiss.

Ruhaan pays a visit to Ayaan, who is deeply affected by their past conflicts. Ayaan accuses Ruhaan of taking away everything from him and questions his intentions. Ruhaan admits that he has come to deliver a shock and reveals that he heard about Ayaan’s request to the police to locate three waitresses. Ayaan is taken aback, wondering how Ruhaan is aware of this and speculates whether he sent those waitresses to abduct Faltu. Ruhaan surprisingly admits that he did indeed send them.

However, he clarifies that his intention was to shock Ayaan and demonstrate that Faltu didn’t need any manipulation to be with him. Ruhaan shares that he witnessed Faltu in a drunken state, attempting to push him away, and he purposely highlighted this incident to Ayaan to make him realize that Faltu’s feelings were genuine. He assures Ayaan that he didn’t make any effort to prove this, as Ayaan himself came to witness the affection between Faltu and him.

Ayaan is visibly frustrated and demands an explanation from Ruhaan, questioning the authenticity of what he witnessed at the ashram. Ruhaan calmly responds, saying that Ayaan had wanted to see exactly that scene, as he himself was feeling guilty about the situation. Ayaan retorts, claiming that Ruhaan deliberately provided evidence to prove that Faltu wasn’t with him, leading him to believe she was being unfaithful.

Ruhaan admits to telling the police that Faltu wasn’t with him, but emphasizes that Ayaan made up his mind about her betrayal without considering any other possibilities. Ayaan, unable to control his anger, raises his hand in frustration, but Ruhaan sternly warns him not to even think about doing anything reckless.

Faltu breaks into tears while talking to Charan. He reassures her and expresses his wish to meet her in person. Faltu agrees and provides him with her address, which he notes down. He assures her not to worry, as he will be there soon. As she recalls her memories with Ayaan, tears continue to flow down her cheeks, and Dada ji observes the emotional moment. Meanwhile, Ruhaan firmly states that he is not to blame, putting the responsibility for the situation on Ayaan, who never believed in Faltu.

Ruhaan confronts Ayaan and points out that he professed his love for Faltu but never truly respected her. He blames Ayaan’s weak faith in her and how easily he believed a stranger seeking revenge, which didn’t require much effort on Ruhaan’s part. Ruhaan accuses men of hypocrisy, wanting their wives to dance to their tunes and constantly insulting them. He states that Faltu left with her self-respect intact. Ayaan questions why Ruhaan has come there. Ruhaan admits that he came because he has fallen in love with Faltu. He expresses his regret for ruining her life and confesses that despite his wealth and status, she rejected him and his attempts to win her over. Ruhaan acknowledges Faltu’s character and integrity and admits that despite his efforts, she always turned away from him, never looking back and wandering her own path.

Dada ji inquires about the matter, and Faltu reveals that her husband has sent divorce papers through her father. Dada ji expresses surprise, considering her young age. Faltu admits that she made a mistake by getting married as she should have focused on her dreams instead. She regrets falling in love and marrying at this point. Dada ji asks if her husband lives nearby, and she confirms that he is Ayaan Mittal, the eldest son of JM mart owner Janardhan Mittal. Dada ji is taken aback, realizing that she is a part of the Mittal family.

Ruhaan confronts Ayaan, expressing that Faltu was willing to forgive him, but he chose to burn their relationship and walk away. Ruhaan reveals that he wanted to disclose the truth before leaving the city, and emphasizes that Ayaan is responsible for the current situation. He advises Ayaan not to search for the three girls, as he has ensured their safety, not wanting to ruin more lives after destroying Faltu’s. Ruhaan bids farewell, leaving Ayaan in remorse.

Ayaan is filled with regret and starts crying, acknowledging the gravity of his actions. Faltu also sheds tears over the heartbreaking situation. Ayaan apologizes sincerely for his actions.

Ayaan calls Tanu, and Janardhan informs her that Ayaan is on the line. Tanu greets him and questions why he went to the office without informing her, urging him to return home soon as she has prepared his favourite pasta. Ayaan assures her that he’s coming home but they need to find Faltu. Surprised, Tanu asks why they should look for her.

Janardhan takes the phone from Tanu and inquires about the matter. Ayaan confesses that he made a terrible mistake and wronged Faltu. He expresses his regret and states that he is on his way home. Janardhan becomes concerned and reflects on advising Ayaan against divorcing Faltu, but his words were not heeded. He laments how no one listens to him.

Meanwhile, Faltu asks Dada ji if he is familiar with the Mittal family. Dada ji remembers Neil mentioning JM mart and praises his idea, suggesting Neil to lead the business campaign. However, Neil declines, stating he already has other plans.

Dada ji responds, saying that he only knows they are prominent mart owners and they are essential for their branding, clarifying that it was Neil’s idea. Faltu expresses her disbelief, to which Dada ji defends Neil, stating that he isn’t as bad as she may think and praises him, calling him his heart. Faltu apologizes, and Dada ji advises her to go and rest.

Faltu mentions that her dad is coming to meet her. Ayaan asks if she will go with her dad, and Charan interjects, asking what else she would do. He scolds her, leading her to cry, and she hugs him for comfort.


Charan urges Faltu to accompany him to Ayaan’s house and prove that she didn’t do anything wrong. Meanwhile, Govind informs others that Ayaan is crying and admitting his mistake. Aayan enters stating that he has come to know the truth.

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