Faltu 18th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 18th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode commences with the head of the academy issuing a statement, defending Shanaya and Faltu. A reporter messages Tanu. Faltu, you have already insulted me, so I don’t need any more drama. Ruhaan says great, you two do a good drama so that Faltu doesn’t play. He threatens them.

Ayaan says come out and finish the game. Ruhaan hugs Shanaya. She cries. Janardhan says go and meet the lawyer so Ruhaan won’t oust us. He says to discuss a stay order with him. Janardhan asks what happened, and Ayaan says Faltu has done everything, and Ruhaan will revenge us.

When Janardhan asks what she did, Ayaan replies, “I feel as though I can burn the entire world.” Janardhan asks what happened. Ayaan replies, “I cannot explain it myself, go to the news if you want to find out.” He recalls Faltu’s words. He gets saved from an accident. He stops the car. He asks what Faltu did. Govind shows the news about Faltu. Janardhan is shocked.

I can’t believe Faltu can do this, he says. Ayaan says you have cheated me, I’ve risked everything for you. Angry, Sid sees the news. He asks where Tanu is. Shanaya has withdrawn, and Faltu has stepped in for batting. She is determined to prove herself, questioning if she can betray her profession and why she is resorting to deception. As Faltu reminisces about Ayaan and sheds tears, memories of her also flood back.

Savita asks what’s all this about. Janardhan says Ayaan called me. Sumitra says you and Tanu wanted to do good, Tanu won’t answer, Kanika is here. Kanika says I spoke to her, she’s coming home and doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Tanu comes and says sorry, I thought I would not tell you, I went to the temple to pray for Dadi and got the prasad. Sid tells her the news. He says the organizers cleared her name. She smiles and acts good. Faltu calls Ayaan. She requests that she be answered once. He turns off his phone.

Kanika asks Tanu what she is doing. Ayaan has sent me a bank notice accusing me of taking everything by cheating, so I’m worried I might end up in jail. Tanu asks what, I promise you I’ll not let anything happen to you. Shanaya locks the room and cries.

She says nothing will be fine now, but Ruhaan worries. He asks Kanika if she still wants Ayaan. Tanu says you know me well, I’m not after Ayaan, Faltu took him from me, but he’ll leave her. Kanika says that means you’re behind this news. Tanu admits she cheated.

Ayaan will never tolerate this; it’s sufficient to create a rift between them. Ruhaan requests Shanaya to have a conversation with her at least once. She says I can never finish my father’s dream. He breaks the door and gets in. He sees her lying on the bed. He checks her pulse. He asks for the ambulance to be called. Faltu finished me, you couldn’t protect me, Shanaya says.

Tanu says we will see what happens once Faltu is removed, and if they accept me as their favourite bahu, then I might forgive them. Kanika says I don’t believe this. Tanu says Sid and his mother don’t know this, and they shouldn’t know.

Tanu asserts, “He cannot be convinced. I have a trump card. Ayaan and Faltu harbour deep-seated hatred for each other. You will witness it when the time comes.” Kanika acknowledges the information but counters, saying, “That may be so, but Ayaan won’t abandon Faltu for this mistake.”


Ayaan breaks Faltu’s bat in anger. Faltu begs him not to do this. Ayaan burns the bat.

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