Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th January 2023 Written Update

Vinayak is pampered by Virat, and he recalls Sai asking him to find out if their Vinu is alive through Anandi, and him lying that he would ask Anandi when she returns from her trip.

Vinu tells him he lied to her mother and won’t be able to tell her that a son whom she is searching for everywhere is right in front of her eyes, he lied even to Pakhi that he met Sai otherwise she would have questioned him and she would have found out that Vinu is not an adopted child but is the biological child of Sai and him.

Vinu wakes up after having a nightmare and says he saw doctor aunty crying and looking for him while he was right in front of him. Virat says it’s okay. Vinu asks if he can call doctor aunty and check on her. Virat says it’s late at night, so he’ll call Sai in the morning. Vinu asks why he was looking at him so intently.

He thinks he can’t tell Vinu Sai is his real mother, so Virat asks him to sleep. Vinu says he wants to be like doctor aunty. Virat asks him to sleep now, thinking he can’t tell Vinu Sai is his real mother. In the morning, Sai takes Savi to her school in an auto and waits for a phone call. Savi asks if it’s her baba’s call, and Sai says it’s her baba’s call.

Sai pampers him and asks if his baba didn’t come. He says he came with aayi today and said he saw a nightmare last night that she was crying searching for him while he was right in front of her. Pakhi notices the bandage on Sai’s hand and asks if Virat bandaged it as he doesn’t know how to bandage. Sai stands silently.

Virat calls her and meets her at a nearby cafe. Sai asks what Anandi said. Virat lies that he made a thorough investigation and found out that the boy sent to the orphanage after the accident was Vinu. Virat says when he traced that boy, he found out he is adopted by Mr and Mrs Seshadi. He shows her Karthik’s picture. Sai is happy and asks if that boy is their Vinu. Virat says the boy is adopted by Mr and Mrs Seshadi.

Sai gets emotional after seeing the pic and asks if he is their Vinu. Virat says no, he is now Karthik Seshadi. He shows Karthik’s birthmark and says our Vinu does not have a birthmark. The fish tank breaks at the safe. Sai runs and puts the pieces in a water vase. Virat comforts her and asks if she is okay.

When Virat asks her to control herself, she breaks down and asks why this happened again, earlier she faced many difficulties with Vinu, he wasn’t with her when she lost him. Then Sai asks why he didn’t stop her from leaving his house, if he had stopped her Vinu would still be alive. She cries hugging him. Pal Pal Sambhal Jaaye plays in the background. Virat also cries.

She calls Mohit and tells him that she is waiting for him at a cafe lane. Virat and Sai hugging each other shatter Pakhi and she cries, wondering how Virat can hug Sai behind her.

He tells Sai it was his mistake not to stop her that day; if he had, he, Vinu, Sai, and Savi would have been a family. Sai asks Virat if he will sit with her at Vinu’s punya tithi pooja.

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