Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

As Abhinav tears and thinks of Abhir, the episode begins. Akshara asks who told you you aren’t his father, a paper cannot determine your relationship, a strong relationship is formed when a heart is wounded, and our hearts are deeply wound. He says I don’t have a blood relation, I’ve given Abhir my name and upbringing, but it’s not enough, otherwise my son would have been here, since I don’t have any right to Abhir.

He says, “What should I do, my belief is shaking.” She hugs him and tells him Abhir got to know Abhir is his father, but he wants to stay with us, we cannot lose. He says he wants to know what to do, his belief is shaky. Being in your position, anyone would have felt this way. He says it’s our tears and we’ve got to wipe them, focus on the interview, they should admit Abhir, so we need to do well. He leaves. She stops him.

She wants me to accompany her, as we go to school. It’s important for them to know that you are also Abhir’s father and my husband. Your presence gives me strength, so I need you to come. Ruhi and Abhir have a conversation, until Aarohi interrupts by asking for someone to play a board game with her. Ruhi volunteers, while Abhir admits he doesn’t know how to play. They end up teaching him the game. Just then, Manjiri arrives and is invited to join, but declines, saying it’s more suitable for the younger ones to play such games. Aarohi is torn between understanding Akshara and Abhinav’s pain and trying not to neglect them, as she knows you still haven’t fully grasped the extent of Akshara’s suffering from losing Neil.

Akshara worries that Abhir is facing a lot of challenges with the move to a new house, new family, and new school. He lacks a support system and any mistake on her part could lead to big problems. Despite this, he reassures her by calling her the best mother in the world. However, Akshara apologizes for not being able to even muster a fake smile. They both know that if they don’t improve their financial situation, they will lose their son again. Abhinav emphasizes the need for both of them to work hard and earn more money. Akshara agrees, but expresses doubt about being able to earn enough. Nevertheless, Abhinav stays determined that they must show in court that they can provide for their son’s needs. To this, Akshara nods and embraces him while agreeing that they will do whatever it takes to pass this test and bring their son back home. She hopes for a successful day tomorrow.

He asks Akshara and Abhinav if I’m looking good. She says you look smart, am I looking good? Abhimanyu and Abhir come to school. They smile. She says I got jam for you, can I give it to him. He says yes. She says I got chocolates also. He says I got laser lights for him, the school called Abhimanyu, so it won’t be a problem if I’m also here. No, you’re the father, no worries.

Upon sensing Abhir’s presence, everyone turns to see him. Abhimanyu suggests that if they do not receive an answer, they should simply say “I don’t know.” Abhir requests his father to loosen his tie, and in that moment, Abhinav remembers his younger brother with tears of joy. Swelling with emotion upon seeing them, Abhir waves but is also reminded of their earlier words and becomes saddened. However, when Abhimanyu sees him, he can’t help but smile. They ask if he is feeling alright and how he likes his new room and if he slept well. Despite wanting to embrace him, the mother refrains as she knows it might dampen his spirits. Assuring them that he is fine, Abhir is then told by the peon that the principal had called for them. Recognizing their son’s name, both Abhimanyu and Akshara confirm their identity before being asked to wait while the child finishes with his older brother first. Heeding the request of their eldest son, they leave the room and allow for some time alone between the two siblings.

Akshara witnesses Abhir’s distress towards Abhinav and contemplates how their relationship as father and son will always remain. The principal inquires about the reason for transferring schools, to which Abhimanyu responds that they used to reside in Kasauli with Akshara. She clarifies that she is now Mrs. Abhinav, not Mrs. Birla who worked in Kasauli. Akshara explains that though she and Abhimanyu divorced six years ago, she remarried Abhinav and together they provided a good upbringing for Abhir. However, the court granted custody to Abhimanyu, but allowed them to visit Abhir on weekends.

The precap:

She says she is scared for my son because of what she has seen in your world. Abhimanyu asks if I went to court. They argue. She says I have seen your world, which is why I am scared for my son.

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