Kavya 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update: Adi’s Determination Unravels New Clues


Kavya 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode begins with Sanjeev telling Adi about Kavya finding the guy with the torn jacket. Sanjeev asks what the coat is like at home, so he tells me the truth. According to Adi, it is easy to turn a lie into truth. I have doubted and insulted Kavya, but she always helped me and respected me. She gave me love, so I cannot say she is innocent, but I cannot say she is murderous.

Kavya encourages Malini. She asks for a chance. Malini asks for what. Adi scans the jacket. He asks his friend for help. He receives the details. He comes home. Alka tells him that Kavya is looking for him. Adi tells him that Sanjeev came home today, so I wanted to contact him. Anurag takes baby Omi. Alka takes the baby away from him. Kavya says she has prepared the courtroom for your practice. He sees Malini as the judge. She asks him cheap questions. He cries and shouts, I didn’t do this with her. Kavya and Malini hold him. Adi hugs him.

Alini says, “I’m sorry, Adi, their lawyer will cause you to cry this way, so try to recall.” Adi recalls Naina’s words. He says Naina’s boyfriend. He remembers and says Naina went there to meet her boyfriend, room number 106. Kavya says I found you there. As a friend, I encouraged her to meet her boyfriend, and I am telling the truth.

However, you are saying this, and we cannot prove it. Kavya says I didn’t ask for the room number; I had reserved the room for the party member. According to Kavya, Naina’s boyfriend had no room, so she took you to the room booked in your name. It is planned in detail, and Malini asks who will do it and why.

Adi says no, I just protected her. Kavya thinks Badi Amma did this. Malini says Naina won’t talk to you, and maybe she likes Adi. Adi says no, she doesn’t like Adi.

When Badi Amma talks to Kishor on the phone, she sees Alka at her door. She screams and asks when she sees you. Alka says just now. Badi Amma asks if you heard it. Alka says no, you were saying… Badi Amma asks what. Alka says you asked me to cook food. Badi Amma says yes, make khichdi, and leave.

Alka thinks about telling Kavya and Adi about it. She runs to stop them. They leave. Kavya asks Sanjeev to talk to Naina carefully. He tells her not to worry. She says I don’t know about him. Adi is in love with you again, and everything will be fine. He thinks Adi should know about the jacket.

Adi calls to find out about the jacket. Despite Kavya’s tease, Adi asks her to leave. He says leave me, or I’ll shout. She shows her face. He gets out of the car and tells you… She says yes, you don’t identify me. He apologizes. They argue. He says you go home, and I won’t need your help. She says just come with me.


According to Kavya, I will support the truth.

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