Jhanak 16th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Jhanak’s Dilemma and Tejas’s Threat

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The episode begins with Jhanak asserting her independence and declaring her decision to return home with the assistance of Tejas. Anirudh refutes her claims, accusing Tejas of coercion and revealing Jhanak’s marital status. Curious, Tejas asks for more details, but Anirudh shuts down the conversation, reminding him that he is not Jhanak’s husband. Tejas continues questioning until Jhanak intervenes, pleading for everyone to stop arguing and let her leave with Tejas’ help. Anirudh threatens to involve the commissioner if anything happens to Jhanak under Tejas’ watch, labeling him a criminal who exploits and sells young girls. The inspector orders them all to accompany him to the police station and forbids anyone from leaving.

I’m not a goon. I’m from a good family. I don’t kidnap girls cheaply, Tejas says. I’m doing my duty. Ask Jhanak. I’ve known her since childhood. Ask Anirudh. He’s made her his maid, but when she goes home, Anirudh becomes frustrated. If a young girl wants to go home by her own will, why would Anirudh be upset? The inspector says we will do what we wish, so please sit in the car and come.

A cop is with them, Chotan tells Jhanak to come, don’t be scared. The inspector asks what you will do next. Tejas says, “I was going and thought of taking her home, I’m telling the truth, our marriage didn’t happen…” Airudh shouts lie, the marriage didn’t happen, it was going to happen, Jhanak ran away from it. Tejas threatens to kill Jhanak’s husband, so Chotan says Jhanak is going with him.

The inspector asks Jhanak to come with them. She says no. Jhanak sits in Anirudh’s car. He thinks Jhanak, you did something wrong. Tejas stares at Anirudh. He thinks you’ll pay a hefty price, and even Anirudh will pay. Now, your big secret won’t be a secret any longer. Tejas says you’ll pay for it. Even Anirudh will pay. Anirudh yells just shut up, and I don’t want to hear anything else. He drives off angrily.

After Tejas departs, the conversation at home revolves around Anirudh. Tanuja expressed her concern that she had been unable to reach him. Bipasha reveals that he is not one to take advice from anyone. Meanwhile, Anjana mentions how Jhanak had expressed a desire to return home and suspects she may have gone to Srinagar. Despite the difficult situation, Tanuja assures everyone they are content with their current state. However, Jhanak begins to cry, leading Chotan to question why she is upset and reminds her that they have all supported her decision to leave for Kashmir. He asks if she informed her husband of this plan beforehand, but Jhanak dismisses his inquiry. Anirudh interrupts the conversation by stopping the car and exclaiming that she did not seek permission from her husband before accompanying Tejas.

He gets out of the car. Anjana tells him she left; her cupboard is empty. Appu starts crying for Jhanak. Tanuja says you also want to go after Jhanak. She is a stranger. Why are you mad at her? You are mad. Anjana hugs Appu. Shubh argues with Jethu. Bipasha says there is no point in waiting; we should tell the police. Shubh says we should speak to Anirudh first; perhaps Jhanak is with him.

Chotan goes to Anirudh and says Jhanak might have spoken to her husband. Anirudh says no. She knew she wouldn’t get permission. She was going to Tejas. He would have used her and left her. Did she want this? If it is my fate to die, you shouldn’t say anything about it. I don’t care. She asks why you care. If you married him, then there would have been love, too. Jhanak looks at Anirudh.

Chotan says you don’t want to go back because the family taunts me; they taunt me because I do not earn. She said you are a part of that family, I am not so that they will question me, I must answer them, and you both will say a few words and get aside. He asks if he thinks this about Anirudh and me. We are together, one team, so I will tell some story and handle it. If anyone comes in my place, he will feel my pain. She says no, I can’t live like that.

Chotan expresses empathy, acknowledging the difficulty of the situation as your husband is away. You may miss him and have ended your engagement with Tejas, who may seek revenge. She questions what you will do after returning home and acknowledges your role as a maid. Anirudh disagrees, stating that you were not brought here to serve but to achieve something significant. He sees potential in you, which you may not recognize, and wants you to perform at an office event that could significantly impact your future.

I know this will not happen, so stop giving me false hope. He says you believe I’m lying. She says you’re making up stories. Chotan says he’ll help you. She says fine, tell me how to perform, will the family allow me to do so. She says fine, and Chotan says we’ll handle it. Anirudh says no, she wants shortcuts. She thinks she’ll surrender to Tejas and everything’ll be alright. He asks what has changed now: are you becoming greedy?

As she inquires, he questions the purpose of going to Tejas. He explains that he is wealthy, influential, and running for office. She warns him to be respectful before asking if he’ll disclose anything. She asserts her self-worth and refuses to entertain his words. Chotan clarifies that she wanted to reunite with her husband, with Tejas serving as a means to that end. He pleads with Jhanak to comprehend that this was not the best approach. Chotan expresses concern over Tejas’ dangerous nature and the risk of joining him. He advises Jhanak against accompanying him, reminding her of Anirudh’s confidence. She dismisses these talks, stating that he’s unaware of the situation. He asks what she’s keeping from him, urging her to tell him everything that’s hidden.


Arshi asks why didn’t you give us the number before, we will call him right away. Anirudh and Jhanak worry. Shrishti asks for her husband’s number. Anirudh says I have it and will send it.

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