Jhanak 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: A Dance of Dreams and Determination!

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In the episode, Jhanak declares she will not take exams and will remain here to care for everyone and hear taunts because you want this, right? Urvashi scolds and beats her more. Anirudh feels bad. He stops Urvashi and asks her to calm down. He says she can talk it out; otherwise, you will beat me first. Urvashi looks at him. Urvashi is invited to take her daughter to the room and perform a drama.

It is my daughter’s wedding and I don’t want any bad luck here, Shrishti’s guests are coming soon. Shrishti taunts Urvashi for not teaching Jhanak values and values. Arshi asks how you got so heartless. She tells Urvashi to throw the stick because Jhanak is not a child. Urvashi warns Jhanak and leaves. She cries. Jhanak sits crying. Anirudh watches.

The organizers of the fest extend an invitation to Shrishti. However, she declines, citing her workload. Vinayak encourages her to attend, but Shrishti remains unsure. The man then mentions that they have heard about Shrishti’s daughter’s exceptional dancing abilities and invites her to participate in the event. Shrishti jokingly responds that if her daughter wins both hearts and medals, there won’t be much left for others to do. Just then, Arshi arrives and is introduced by Shrishti. Arshi expresses her willingness to take part in the festival as well. Curious about who will judge the performances, Shristi asks and is told that Vrushali and Brij Bhushan will be the judges. Upon hearing this, Urvashi is visibly shaken and accidentally drops the tray of tea she is carrying.

Urvashi goes to Jhanak and worries about seeing her bleeding wound. She says I must go and ask them for medicines. Jhanak asks why you don’t go to our home. Urvashi says Bharat asked us to stay here. Jhanak says I don’t particularly appreciate staying here. Urvashi insists we stay here. There is a wedding function, and guests will come, and food will be served. Jhanak refuses. Arshi and Anirudh arrive. Urvashi says I fed Jhanak. Arshi says we got Jhanak medicines.

Bharat gets angry because of Jhanak’s mistake, and Urvashi tells them to leave. Jhanak says she’s okay. Arshi says Anirudh got the medicine for Jhanak. Keep it. Urvashi says you’re nice, thank you. Anirudh gives the medication. Arshi says your beating of Jhanak was not expected. Jhanak says you complained about me. She says forget it, Jhanak, we have no issue, I don’t know why Bharat got angry.

The Kashmir festival is holding a dance competition, and I hope you are participating. I know how to improve your mood. Upon hearing that Urvashi dances well, Arshi asks why. I’m also participating. Urvashi refuses. Arshi says Brijbhushan is coming. He’s finding the best talent. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Urvashi refuses.

Jhanak says she will finish her BA and find a job. She said some people sacrifice family for dreams, but some sacrifice family for dreams. I love to dance, but you won’t let me. She cries. Arshi says to let her do what she wants; then she’ll succeed. Urvashi says no, she won’t participate. Otherwise, she’ll lose her mum forever. Jhanak thinks I won’t lose you. She goes. It’s morning, Arshi says fate can change, and there still a chance, I think you should participate.

Jhanak says let it be, you heard what mum said. Arshi says Urvashi had been a talented dancer, what problem does she have. She encourages Jhanak. Urvashi calls Jhanak for work. Jhanak asks Arshi to leave. Then Arshi asks Anirudh to drop him off at the festival and return so we can help Jhanak participate. He asks how. Urvashi asks Jhanak to help her in the kitchen. Jhanak says not to worry. Anirudh takes pictures at the festival. He leaves for home.

Shrishti asks him to be careful when Vinayak says Brij will come, Urvashi wasn’t lying, Brij and Jhanak… Anirudh likes to take pictures, Arshi says. Rahul asks Jhanak to come. She refuses. She says I have no chance. He says you are talented, and talent always wins, so come there. He calls her out and asks her to join him; otherwise, their friendship will end. Jhanak cries. Anirudh is on his way.

He says Urvashi needs to convince Jhanak to come, love you. He says you can do it. I trust you. He tells her I love you too. Urvashi asks Jhanak to clean Arshi’s room and come to the kitchen. She asks Anirudh why he came back so soon. He says Arshi forgot her ghungroos. She asks him to get it while Jhanak is cleaning Arshi’s room. Jhanak cleans the room. Hearing the music, she starts dancing. Anirudh smiles.


During the festival, Anirudh asks Jhanak to perform. Jhanak wins the competition. Urvashi says Guru Ji, Jhanak is Urvashi’s illegitimate child.

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