Jhanak 30th November 2023 Written Episode: Tragic Turn as Urvashi’s Demise Shocks Jhanak

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The Episode begins with Jhanak confiding in Urvashi. She explains that without anyone to rely on, they must focus on building their own lives. Jhanak promises to find a job and follow Urvashi’s guidance, ensuring they won’t need anyone else and can create their little world instead. Hearing this, Urvashi proposes that Jhanak should go somewhere far away without telling Bharat if she were to leave. Feeling helpless, Jhanak asks who she has left except for Urvashi. Urvashi reassures her that she will always be there for her. With tears in her eyes, Jhanak questions why she is being punished and embraces Urvashi. Meanwhile, Arshi and Anirudh’s family prepare to depart.

Bharat speaks kindly to them. Dadi explains that Anirudh will remain here until Arshi arrives. Arshi mentions that Anirudh will stay in the houseboat while she joins him. Bharat assures her that this is her home and she should stay there. However, Anirudh disagrees and insists on staying elsewhere. Vinayak shares his concerns, stating that what has been done to Urvashi and Jhanak is wrong and shameful. Shrishti agrees, adding that Urvashi’s reputation has already been tarnished. Bharat clarifies that they do not want their family name to be associated with such actions. Anirudh argues that he was unaware of what was happening and did not judge anyone before this incident occurred. He defends Urvashi and Jhanak’s hard work for the family, stressing that their mistreatment is unacceptable. He apologizes for speaking out but also points out that their family considers it a bad omen. He then invites Arshi to leave, and they all depart together.

Jhanak prepares the food. She cheers up Urvashi, who cries. Anirudh comes to the houseboat. He tells the man, “Mam will come tomorrow; I’ll stay here today.” He asks him about Jhanak selling flowers. The man replies, “I didn’t hear her name.” Anirudh tells him to get his bags inside. I’m leaving for college, Jhanak says. She sees Urvashi and says she’s still sleeping. She kisses her and leaves. She takes the flowers. Anirudh says we made a reservation for two people. Please have breakfast for two. A man says okay. When Anirudh sees Jhanak selling flowers, he greets her and says, “I want to buy roses.” She says, “I won’t take long.”

She asks him to stay, and he does. He compliments her fresh flowers and requests a bouquet. She happily hands it to him, saying it’s a unique gift, urging him to keep it without payment. However, he insists on paying, and she reassures him they can afford it. He then suggests treating her to breakfast on a houseboat, but she declines, feeling uneasy about the expensive food due to her status. He responds by saying it’s not his responsibility and doesn’t support such treatment of people like her. She asks what he wants from her instead, and he admits he doesn’t know, as he will be leaving in two days and may never see her again. Despite this, he persists in inviting her, and she eventually agrees.

He asks her to invite him. She says she will be lucky if you come. Mum will be happy, and no one will visit us. He says that means I am invited. She agrees. A lady comes to wake up Urvashi. She tells her you’re sleeping, and Kaki has come to meet you. She asks how the marriage went and says something. She checks Urvashi’s pulse. She gets shocked. Jhanak says my village is lovely. Anirudh takes pictures. He pulls her away from a speeding truck, and they share a moment.

She talks about her village and assures that it is a place of great beauty. The villagers have gathered and summoned a doctor. He expresses concern over Jhanak’s well-being and also suggests informing her uncle. Upon noticing a bottle of sleeping pills, they assume that she may have attempted suicide. Jhanak takes Anirudh to her house, and he compliments the lovely neighborhood. He asks if everything is alright, to which she replies that she’s unsure why there’s a crowd but speculates that they may have come for her mother’s help in writing letters. As they enter their home, Jhanak mentions that her mother is still asleep. The lady then delivers the heartbreaking news that Urvashi has passed away. Both Jhanak and Anirudh are stunned by this revelation.

According to the man, Urvashi had taken her own life. Despite calling for a doctor, their efforts were in vain. Jhanak cried out for her mother and embraced her lifeless body. Another individual, who claimed to be Urvashi’s neighbor, contacted Bharat and delivered some news. Bharat questioned if she was unable to come to work, but the person criticized him and revealed that Urvashi had committed suicide. Bharat couldn’t believe it and expressed his disbelief. The man informed him that the police would arrive soon, leaving Jhanak without family support. He also accused Bharat of being responsible for Jhanak’s current state as Urvashi was content before returning home with sadness. Bharat lashed out at him before ending the call and sharing the tragic news with everyone present. Jhanak wept and pleaded for Urvashi to wake up while a doctor arrived to examine her condition. Unfortunately, he confirmed that she had passed away, causing Jhanak to break down in tears once again.


Anirudh asks how he can take Jhanak with him. Tejas kidnaps Jhanak. Tejas plans to marry Jhanak.

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