Kumkum Bhagya 8th March 2023 written update

Dida asks why you are smiling, and Aryan replies that a little girl brought the incense stick. Pandit Ji tells them not to worry as it is her place. When Dadi sees Khushi, he says he will make Shahana stand in a good place so that she can do darshan properly. Shahana and Aryan are overcome with emotion when they see each other.

Khushi makes Dadi stand in the front row. She realizes she must bring agarbatti. Aryan says you didn’t call even once. Shahana asks what you said. Dadi sees Pallavi and says Dadi. Pallavi hugs her and takes her blessing. Dida also hugs Dadi. I know that he doesn’t favour anyone, but he identifies talent, like how he gave me a chance and gave me a job in his company. Ashok asks Prachi not to speak.

She respects him a lot. He says what he learns from life he always does. Prachi says truth is truth. Akshay says you can make anyone feel special. Prachi says I want to be honest and say it from my heart. Priya brings Akshay’s laptop. Akshay asks Yash to connect it to the projector. Yash says there is something wrong with the laptop. Priya says only the conference room light is out. Prachi says she will check the fuse wiring.

He says he will do it and leaves. Prachi says she can do it. Ashok says to let him learn from his mistake. The receptionist tells Ranbir that Sir has returned to the office since his flight was missed. Ranbir says he has come to meet his son. The receptionist says she will contact him. Ranbir sees Priya and says, I know you are not Prachi and says good acting. Akshay says you are here. Ranbir says I have some important work to do.

The receptionist asks Priya if she knows him. Priya replies that she knows him and doesn’t know him. Despite having my number, Aryan didn’t call. Shahana says how could you question me if you didn’t even call. He says I didn’t like your nonsense and says he likes it. Aryan says not even once. Khushi comes there and says you don’t know each other. She asks them to come for aarti. She holds their hands and leads them there.

Ranbir says he came to meet you. Akshay says he has to go to the fuse room. Ranbir says Kaya talked to your father about me. Akshay says he told me. He says today he missed his flight and lectured me because I was 10 minutes late. It’s the dad’s fault, they don’t see the flaw in their children. Akshay says you’re also talented, you can make anyone feel special. Ranbir says I try to be honest whenever I have to.

Akshay recalls Prachi’s words. He says both have the same talent, and that is why I am here as well as in India. He asks him to sit in the cabin and says I will fix the fuse. Akshay says he will do it, Ranbir says he will attend a call, and they will go to the cabin. Akshay comes inside the fuse room, thinking it will be open and worried if the snake will come in.

As he checks the fuse box and finds the wire open, he decides to take a risk and join two wires, but a short circuit occurs and the lights go out. Ranbir finds the light gone everywhere. Ashok thinks Prachi can help. Prachi comes to help Akshay. She explains that the wiring is in another place. She climbs on the ladder and switches on the bulb.

Ranbir holds the ladder. They look at each other. The bulb flickers. Tu thodi der plays….

She says Khushi happens to see Khushi, she is the ice of the soul and says Prachi is thinking of taking her home. She says we are meeting after a long time and doesn’t know why the distance had come. Dida asks what you mean. Dadi says Prachi is considering adopting Khushi. Pallavi says Khushi is ours. Dadi says Khushi had come to her home.

Khushi gives Pandit ji the agarbatti and asks them to fold their hands and pray. Pandit ji does the aarti. Pallavi says she will stay at our house forever. Dida asks Pallavi and Aryan to pray for Khushi. Dadi tells Shahana that Ranbir’s family wants Khushi. Dida and Pallavi believe Ranbir found Panchi in Khushi.

Laali comes there looking for Khushi. She sees her and drags her away from there. Everyone is shocked. Shahana asks God to give Khushi to Prachi. Aryan prays to God to give Khushi to Ranbir. You run out of the shop and come here, even though Laali says I told you not to come here. She says I will break your arms and legs if I see you again here. Pallavi says, Khushi. Laali drags Khushi from there forcibly, shocking everyone. She asks her to sell all the flowers.

Akshay thanks Prachi for helping him again. Ranbir says she is mine. Akshay asks what? Ranbir says, Prachi. Ranbir burns his hand and Prachi feels worried. She can’t forget what he did to her.

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