Teri Meri Doriyaan 1st April 2023 Written Update


Akaal tells Sahiba that if a husband and wife don’t perform the phera ritual, it has no meaning. Sahiba says Angad won’t agree. Manveer says her son will never visit Sahiba. Sahiba tells Akaal that he will visit her house to perform paghphera ritual. Manveer asks if Angad is out of his mind. Angad says he knows what he said, Sahiba asked him something after her marriage and it’s his duty to fulfil her request. Akaal and Gurleen look happy while Manveer frowns.

Jasleen explains to Hansraj what is happening here, a person who does not want Prasad from Sahiba wants to visit her house to fulfil her wish. Japjyoth warns Prabjyoth to stop talking nonsense. Prabjyoth claims Angad is ready to perform the paghphera ritual after consummating with Sahiba. Sahiba gets angry. Angad asks her not to worry about people’s comments here and get ready to visit her parents. He asks if he ought to inform them or if she should. Sahiba confused with his behaviour says she’ll tell them.

As Angad apologizes to the children, he interacts with them. They call him Angad jiju. He plays with them. Gurleen is happy to see old Angad back. Children wave goodbye to Angad. Jasleen stops Kartar and says he looks like Sahiba’s sister Keerat. Veer tells Sahiba Angad is a kind man. In the dhaba, Seerat checks the menu and thanks god that she escaped from Angad at the right time. She feels hungry and finds only 50 rupees in her purse.

Veer tries to protect Keerat and tells Jasleen that she is mistaken. Angad asks Jasleen to respect their guest and let Keerat go. Veer takes Keerat away from Jasleen. It’s Keerat, Jasleen says. Angad says she also made a mistake by allowing the marriage to happen, so now she should maintain peace and let things go. Sahiba wonders why Angad is still acting after discovering that it’s Keerat.

He asks Sahiba to serve prasad to her husband; Angad believes Seerat will visit her house so he will reach there and confront her; he knows Sahiba helped Seerat escape. Japjyot tells Akaal that she knew Angad would never disrespect prasad.

Sahiba misbehaves with Garry and tells the family that she promised Angad she would find out who misled Seerat.

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