Kumkum Bhagya 7th March 2023 Written Update

It starts with Ranbir telling Vikram that his boss’s daughter gave him his first independent project. Dida says Ranbir will again become a big businessman. Pallavi says we are all happy for you. Ranbir asks Vikram, why is he tense? Vikram says it’s because there’s a big deal. Vikram says I’ll send you my associate’s number. Ranbir confirms that Mr. Mehta also wanted to work with us.

Ranbir tells Vikram that he will take care of all responsibilities and will make their lives happy. Vikram agrees and asks him to win the world for himself. Ranbir says we have spent our lives with incompleteness. Vikram says he shouldn’t be emotional and start working. Pallavi says whatever you have given us is enough. Dadi says nobody can give us what you have given us.

Pallavi tells Ranbir that he will be very successful and will not miss anything. Vikam sends Ranbir the associate number. Prachi says she’ll get the cabin door repaired. Akshay says he’ll get it replaced. Prachi says you shouldn’t have lifted the paperweight. Akshay says she is right, due to my nervousness, 2-4 people would have been scolded if you had called.

Ranbir says the project is large, so the finances will be large. Mr. Mehta refuses to invest. Ranbir says you want to work with me. It is a business rule, says Mr. Mehta, that big companies bid on the horse that is running fast, not the horse that may or may not run.

He says if I give you money and it gets lost in business, then what happens? Ranbir says he understands and gets up. There is another business rule, and he says that the bigger the risk, the bigger the investment, and that the horse you mention is still running, neither his courage nor his strength have weakened. If you don’t want, he would have told me on the phone.

The investor tells Ranbir that money begets money and says you aren’t like you used to be. Ranbir says he will think about it and let you know. Kaya calls Ranbir and asks him to come to her cabin. Ranbir agrees and comes. Ranbir says he has a problem, and tells that Dad and I know financers, but nobody will give him money.

Kaya says the financers didn’t give you money, so you are 3 minutes late and didn’t give the Excel sheet. She doesn’t like people who don’t value time. She asks Ranbir to give him some time. He asks if you are firing me. Kaya says no, I will introduce you to such a financier who is interested in your future, not your past.

She says he will see your potential and the project. She says he is my dad’s friend. She calls Ashok. Ashok asks how her dad is. Kaya asks him to invest in her colleague’s project. Ashok says he is not in Delhi and asks Kaya to send him to meet Akshay. Kaya says she will send him now. Ashok accepts. Kaya asks Ranbir to go to AK Finance Company’s 5th floor in the same building to meet Akshay.

Kaya thinks she brought him the project and helped him to get financing. She says he is different, that’s what she likes about him. Ranbir thinks he is the same Akshay Tandon, doesn’t want to tell her else she will get upset.

In the Delhi office, Ashok tells Prachi that Akshay is making him wait as if he is his employee. Prachi asks him to calm down. Ashok says your flight was cancelled and I returned on time, but you took 10 minutes to come here. He says you made a 20 crore loss because of this. In response, Akshay says they will lose 20 crores more if we keep talking. Ashok says let’s get started. He asks Yash to begin the presentation. Prachi asks if Akshay can sit. Ashok says he is an owner.

Akshay asks Yash to stop the presentation and asks who took the photo. Ashok asks if Prachi told you anything. Ashok says even Prachi didn’t like the photo, but I liked it. Ashok asks what kind of photos you want, if you have any references. He asks Priya to bring Akshay’s laptop from his cabin. He asks who did the photography, it must be Dad’s friend. Ashok says my laughing club friend, sometimes we need to help.

When Khushi comes to the temple, she talks to the Pandit. He asks her to bring incense sticks. She says she will. She sees Pallavi, Dida, and Aryan there. She runs to them and hugs Pallavi. Pallavi asks how she is.

She asks Dida how she is too. Aryan asks her to meet him too. They shake hands. Khushi tells him she comes here every morning and evening for aarti. Dida teases Aryan and asks if he remembers all the aarti. Khushi says she has to bring incense sticks. She takes them inside and asks Pandit ji to perform puja for them. Pandit ji says ok and asks her to bring incense sticks. She goes to the stall. Shahana lifts her. Khushi looks at her and says Maasi. Pallavi and Dida pray that they will find Khushi.

As Dadi tells Dida, Prachi is thinking about adopting Khushi. Pallavi says Khushi is ours, so we are taking her home. Akshay thanks, Prachi. Ranbir says she is mine. Akshay asks who is yours? Ranbir says, Prachi.

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