Faltu 6th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Tanisha asks where you are going. He says I will donate something to the poor and come back. Faltu turns away. Ayaan takes care of Tanisha. He sees Pratap. He thinks Faltu will be around. She says you think a lot for everyone. Pandit asks Faltu if her husband came along. Faltu says no. She asks Pandit to tell him his name. She says girls don’t take their husband’s name, it’s an abshagun, keep the chadava, I’ll keep the name in my heart. She does the rituals. Pratap looks for Faltu. He hears temple bells.

In response, Charan calls him. He answers. He says I am unable to locate her. The lady asks Faltu to stay there. Faltu says puja went well. He will go to Dad now. Ayaan comes. He is shocked to see Faltu the sindoor. You are acting after seeing me, which means you don’t know me, or you don’t want to know me. He asks what’s this sindoor, why you apply it, why didn’t you call me, did Pappi apply it, etc.

He asks why are you saying this, you think I will go without getting answers. She says I got married yesterday night, this sindoor was applied by my husband.

He asks who your husband is, who did you marry, that Pappi. She asks why do you care to know, go and stay happy with your wife, spare my life, leave. He said, “I will move away.”.

I had seen the sindoor in your maang before I fainted, and I’m concerned that it was me who applied it. She cries out in astonishment. “What silliness! You married Tanisha, not me! I’m married to someone else now – I did it to save myself from Pappi. I’m sorry for disrupting your life. I have quit cricket, gotten married and my family is content. Thankfully, Pappi is no longer a threat. Now, I must take care of my family; you take care of yours and leave me be – our paths are diverging.” Dr Abhi arrives and calls her out. Faltu then directs Ayaan to visit his wife and then go away.

He asks Faltu to come, and everyone is worried. Faltu says I don’t know who this man is. He says come, let’s have food, and go. He takes Faltu with him.

Ayaan shouts to stop and says thanks for showing me a mirror today, otherwise, I wouldn’t have known your truth, I was foolish to worry for you, you are selfish and want me to leave your life, fine, I’ll do as you wish.

Abhi asks who he is, and how did you get here, you said you aren’t married, what is this sindoor? Faltu thinks sorry, I did a sin today. My husband is Ayaan.

If Charan sees the sindoor, then she will not be able to answer. Abhi says fine, come with me. Ayaan gets angry and goes to his car. Tanisha asks what happened.

He says that he realized one thing, not every needy needs us, they are bloated cheaters, and we can’t trust them. She asks if anyone has said anything. He says no, come, Tanisha, I don’t want to stay around selfish people.

Kanika hugs Tanisha and asks why Ayaan is upset. Tanisha says we had the darshan, Ayaan went to give to charity, so he is angry since then. Kanika asks if there is anything wrong with Ayaan.

Kanika asks Ayaan to tell them. Ayaan replies I didn’t think of that, I met Faltu in the temple. Tanisha asks what. Ayaan tells them everything.

Tanisha says I cannot believe this, Faltu can’t do this with you. He says she did it. Kanika says I told you many times, that girl is not fine. I told you, she just wants to take advantage of us.

Kanika says it would be a lie. Ayaan says it’s a lie. Kanika says I won’t spare her, I’ll answer when she comes to the cricket academy.

Tanisha says I should have talked to her first, he says you won’t do this, you have a right to be mad at me. We have a relationship, I don’t want to keep a relationship with that girl because she doesn’t deserve our hatred.

Ayaan says I have seen everything, I saw her brother and husband there, I couldn’t know her, what a fool I was. Guru ji comes. He asks is there any tension. He says bidaai mahurat is in some time, did you get darshan at the temple?

Tanisha says yes, we did the puja well. Guru ji asks if there is anything I need to know. Kanika says I asked you about Faltu. Did she leave my children’s lives, or can she return?

The precap:

She hears a whistle and thinks Pratap has come. Pappi arrives. Faltu says you’ve taught me a lot, Ayaan.

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