Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

As the episode begins, Prachi gets emotional. Khushi asks Prachi, “You must be so proud of your daughter.” Prachi says she doesn’t have a daughter. Khushi tells Prachi she is like her daughter, and tells her not to get sad because she will give her a lovely flower, which will make her happy, smile, and blossom as they do.

As a result of the fragrance, she says you will feel happy. Prachi says that when flowers wither, I feel bad, and their smell and colour fade away. Khushi says they don’t wither but fly in the air. She says my badi dadi says flowers’ work is to give happiness and fragrance to everyone and when their work is done, they leave. She asks her to take a flower.

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I will give it to you now, she says. Prachi gets up and is about to sit in the car. Kaya asks Prachi not to show concern for them and says they have been brought up here, and are used to all of this. She says they can also be thieves. Khushi gives Prachi a flower, says it is a gift, asks her not to refuse, and then asks her to read the fortune message. She takes the flower, says thanks, and Khushi leaves.

She asks Prachi to sit. She says, I know her, she manipulated me and made my dad’s friend’s employee. When they reach their hotel, they find their rooms opposite each other. Kaya says destiny brought us together. Prachi says our rooms are also right next to one another’s. She says I like you. Prachi says I also like you. Kaya says I don’t like many people, either they don’t bear me or I don’t understand them.

Kaya says if anyone hears then they will doubt your choice. Prachi says my choice is mine. Kaya asks her to come to her room and talk to her. Prachi says she has some important work to do and needs to keep this flower where it should be. Kaya says I told you this, as our conversation was incomplete at the breaking table, and I was asking who broke your heart, why you were crying, and if you would like me to listen to you, I would appreciate it.

Prachi says I am a good listener. She says we will meet tomorrow. Kaya says she doesn’t like to wait, but she’ll wait for my special friend.

As Prachi enters her hotel room, she pours water into a glass and keeps the flower there. Prachi reads the fortune message note. It flies and is about to go out the window, but Prachi catches it and reads the fortune message that you will meet someone tomorrow who you see with closed eyes. Prachi thinks if I’ll meet Ranbir tomorrow. She gets emotional and recalls their memories. Maine ishq tera le duba plays…..Prachi runs out of her room.

Aryan is dancing in his room. Ranbir comes there and wonders if his marriage is fixed. Aryan sees him and says life gave me another chance. They dance. Ranbir asks how your destination wedding will proceed, and how did you agree to her? Aryan asks why I didn’t say yes to her. Ranbir asks if she did say yes. She rejected me, and Aryan says she said no.

Aryan says I wanted her to reject me. He asks do you know why I want this? Ranbir says yes. He asks do you miss Shahana even now. Aryan recalls telling them that they’re all bad and leaving home crying. He said he didn’t miss her. Ranbir says you’re my best friend and my brother too, and he says we’re all connected, and then he leaves. Aryan tells you how much he misses Shahana and how to tell you.

In response to Dadi’s question, Shahana says no. Does he ask what you are hiding? Shahana shows the album. Dadi says you are remembering old memories. Shahana asks if God makes everyone’s life hard or if He has a special connection with her.

Her happiness is always snatched from her because she always thinks about everyone’s good. She looks at Pragya’s photo and says even she left Prachi. She says Ranbir and Prachi loved each other, but what he did do? She says Prachi always regarded Pallavi as her mother, but Pallavi never regarded her as her daughter. She says she has seen everything Prachi has been through.

He says Prachi is strong, even if she loses some relations, she still gets us and you. Shahana wonders why God is wronging her. Dadi says Prachi went to Delhi, and maybe something good will happen to her, so she asks her to stop crying, and she says you are crying, and you are making me cry as well. The two make a video call to Prachi. Prachi says she misses them so much. Shahana says everything is fine.

Dadi says Shahana cried first, and I followed. Prachi asks why? Dadi says Shahana was crying because she did not have a boyfriend who would take her out. Then a man approaches and pushes Prachi. After pushing an old woman, he scolds her for colliding with him.

In the end, Prachi scolds the arrogant guy, telling him that the lady is like his mother. The arrogant guy leaves. Prachi says you should have scolded him. The guy looks at Prachi as he leaves.

When Kaya calls Ranbir, he asks her to have breakfast first and then calls him. Kaya says she is not doing breakfast, she is unwell, and she cannot attend the meeting today. Ranbir says it’s wrong. Kaya thanks him for his concern. Ranbir explains what the meeting will look like.

I thought you were concerned for me, Kaya says. Ranbir says a little bit. She says I don’t know where your humanity goes when it comes to me. I don’t know a doctor here, she says. He says I was thinking about meeting first and then I thought about you. He says I’m worried and will bring the doctor. As she is hungry, she thinks if I will check the buffet.

Prachi looks at Minty aunty while she is talking on the phone and scolding someone. She asks what I will do with those flowers. Minty aunt calls Ganesh and tells him if the flowers don’t come he will be scolded.

She asks what happened. Minty Aunty tells Prachi that they needed flowers for the banquet hall, but they didn’t receive enough. Despite living abroad, they chose our hotel to host a big people’s son’s wedding. Prachi asks her to calm down and starts the reverse countdown.

Ganesh says someone gave me the number of Laali, a florist. He calls Laali/Khushi’s Maayi and asks her to arrange flowers. She says ok, I’ll bring it. He says he’ll send the address. Laali wakes Khushi up and tells her that they got an order and will earn a lot of money. She asks if I can come with you. She says she will help.

He and the other guys who keep the rifles and bombs in the bags come to the room with the arrogant guy who pushed Prachi. There is a fourth guy who comes there, closes the door and pushes the arrogant guy. The arrogant guy apologizes and says that the door was open. He informs the other guys that a rich woman’s daughter’s wedding is here, and the police are around. He asks them to understand what to do.

In the room, Prachi is crying, and Ranbir stands outside. He tells her (although he doesn’t know she is Prachi) that he prays from his heart that she will get her love and asks her to cry and lighten her heart, but do not cry after that, as if the tears flow in front of that person or when we are alone, they won’t matter. Prachi hears him and seems to recognize his voice.

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