Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 19th March 2024 Written Episode: Family Tensions and Wedding Preparations Unfold

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 19th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Nandini shares that she has always wanted to visit the well but never expected it to be so effortless. She believes this is all thanks to her mother’s blessings and hopes for everyone’s happiness. Anousya Baa urges Chanchal to observe Nandini’s actions when she arrives at the house. Hemraj seeks Baa’s blessings and she inquires about his accomplishments today that have made Chanchal so elated. Baa questions Hemraj about Chanchal leaving and comments on the necessity of confirming their relationship when he previously stated they were not of the same status.

This is why Hemraj invited the girl’s uncle and Mehul to see what they could do. Nandini tells Visakha that she is glad because Naren is also against the dowry just like her, and even her uncle would be happy since he would not have to bow in front of everyone. As Hemraj tells Baa not to be concerned, he tells him they should let everyone think he has agreed since he will see what everyone is worth.

Ronaq discusses with his parents how he used to believe Hemraj was simply strict with everyone, but today, he has come to realize that Hemraj is two-faced. This became apparent when he agreed to his own son’s wishes yet completely ignored Ronaq’s pleas to marry the person he loves. His sister points out that Naren stood up for his desires, while Ronaq caused a commotion. Ronaq adds that if standing up means leaving for America, then it seems like they will have to give up everything, as per his sister’s information.

His mother tells Ronaq that Rupa has accepted the rituals of this house, so he should at least think from Rupa’s perspective when he taunts her. Ronaq warns Ronaq not to taunt Rupa. When Ronaq says she will understand when she has to endure forced relations, his sister tries to explain. When Rupa comes in front of him, he leaves, everyone is tense, and even Rupa is upset.

The portrait of Nandini seemed incomplete to Naren, but then his father’s heart began to beat for him, and she was the reason. As Ronaq approaches Naren from behind, he apologizes for breaking his belief that Hemraj arranged the meeting with his uncle and wedding planner. Naren asks the reason, but Ronaq replies that Hemraj never does anything for his own personal gain, which worries Naren.

Hemraj tells the person to call him when the deal is completed. Dhawal asks if Hemraj plans to make a new deal. Hemraj replies that this is the good thing about business. Hemraj says Naren is important for their business and even for his respect, so he asks why he suddenly accepts the girl for Naren and even calls the family because he understands the business side of things.

Ronaq expresses concern to Naren about the potential consequences if his father, Hemraj, withdraws from their business while on his trip to America. Naren, taken aback by Ronaq’s sentiments towards his father, reassures him by reminding him that the success of their business predates Ronaq’s existence and that Hemraj does not mix family relationships with business decisions. Ronaq clarifies that it was just a misunderstanding, and Naren reveals that Hemraj has already retracted his promise to Sujhan. The thought of Hemraj going back on his word worries Naren, but he urges Ronaq to stop dwelling on it and says it hurts him when even one of them talks like this. He reminds Ronaq of their brotherly bond and expresses his love for him before suggesting they move on from this conversation. As Ronaq leaves the room, Naren feels uneasy about the situation.

On this critical day, Nandini is sharing sweets with us, which Visakha lovingly made. She suggests that we finish our meal with some yogurt for good luck. Mehul has already spoken to Hemraj, who has agreed to the terms set by Naren, so there is no need for a dowry. Ishwar gratefully acknowledges his sister’s blessings and assures us everything will be fine. Manri suggests that Mehul go and give some food to Surbhi while Visakha reminds Ishwar to dress nicely for tomorrow. Manri also joins Mehul in serving water to Surbhi and asks if there are any issues. She wants to be sure that Hemraj invited them with genuine intentions in his heart.

Mehul reassures Manri not to worry, but she can’t help but express her concerns about Nandini’s future. They have raised her as their daughter and now want her to have an even better life after getting married. Manri wishes Nandini a moment of happiness in her orphaned life. Mehul believes she will find happiness with Naren, but Manri mentions that Naren’s strict father, a societal leader, may pose some challenges. However, coming from the upper class themselves, Manri hopes their daughter will be able to live comfortably with them and, therefore, wants to spend generously.

Mitesh mentions to Manri the financial strain of adhering to their standard, prompting Mehul to suggest sticking within their means. Manri reminds Mehul that his uncle follows a strict set of principles but recognizes that only the affluent can afford to do so. She expresses her disappointment in Ishwar’s lack of understanding of worldly ways. She encourages him not to deny any expenses they may incur to secure a match like Naren, which makes her very happy for them. After emphasizing that it is up to Mehul to handle everything, she blesses him.

At night, as Hemraj reads, he notices Chanchal lost in thought. Curious, he asks what she’s thinking about. She brushes it off, but Hemraj knows that humans always believe, even when quiet or have certain expressions. Chanchal comments on how much research he’s done and wonders how he agreed to Naren and Nandini’s marriage. Hemraj reminds her that Naren is his son, and he has no issue bowing one more time for him.

Naren embraces his father, expressing regret for his previous behavior towards him. He acknowledges that they may have different ways of showing love, but he is curious how Hemraj’s feelings for Nandini have evolved. Hemraj responds that although his perspective remains the same, he believes Naren will find happiness with Sujhan’s daughter. He reveals that his marriage to Chanchal was arranged, but they fell in love after tying the knot. Naren confidently assures Hemraj that Nandini will meet his expectations, and Hemraj promises to guide her in every way. As they embrace again, Hemraj reminds Naren to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

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