Barsatein 29th November 2023 Written Episode | Reyansh’s Desperate Confession to Aradhana!


Barsatein 29th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with the man handing a phone to Reyansh, while Aradhana starts feeling dizzy. He suggests she go and wash her face, and while she is in the washroom, he takes her phone. The flashback ends. Reyansh asks if too much medicine was added, to which the man replies that it was just a mild dose. Taking advantage of Aradhana’s absence, Reyansh messages Jai from her phone, assuring his timely arrival for the Sangeet. Meanwhile, Aradhana discovers that the door is locked and begins knocking and calling for help. She starts questioning if Abdul locked her in and whether Reyansh instructed him to do so through her missing phone. Realizing her mistake, she berates herself for leaving her phone unattended outside.

Reyansh informs you that you are being quite loud. He questions if you were the one who confined me here, how could you even do that? He assures her that he will handle any involvement of the police and promises to unlock the door if only she listens to him. However, she continues to scream for assistance. He pleads for her attention, expressing that he has something important to share and pleading with her to trust him. He acknowledges that Jai is a great guy, any girl would be happy with him, but fate has brought them together and they both know that she loves him. He reminds her of their parents’ mistakes, urging them not to repeat them. Nita suggests going to the market for some fresh dessert since she hasn’t had any yet. Jai exclaims that she’s talking as if they’re in a village while today is his Sangeet, questioning if she forgot. She congratulates him but confesses that she can’t go through with it.

He compliments Aradhana for being a nice girl, who brings happiness to their family. She has managed to capture Reyansh’s heart, and he wants the best for her. However, he believes that Aradhana is not the right match for Reyansh, although Reyansh seems to have fallen for her. He assures her that Reyansh may initially get upset but will eventually understand the situation. So they decide to drop the matter and instead focus on picking out clothes. Eventually, Reyansh joins them and expresses his gratitude for finding someone who loves him for who he truly is. With tears in her eyes, Aradhana acknowledges his love but also fears hurting him. It’s clear that this decision is weighing heavily on both of their hearts.

Nita declines, stating that the tilak ceremony will take place first. Jai then requests Varun to begin singing. As Kriti arrives, she greets everyone. Reyansh takes it upon himself to tend to Aradhana, who pleads for him to leave her alone. He suggests she drink some water, but she refuses, claiming it won’t make a difference. Instead, she asks for chocolate. However, Reyansh recommends coffee and a muffin instead. Aradhana states that there is insulin in her bag and Reyansh insists she have it immediately. Malini questions why Kriti is present at the event, to which she responds by saying she wanted to witness how the sangeet would proceed without the bride’s presence and reveals that the bride is currently attending another sangeet at Reyansh’s house with wealthy individuals. She advises Jai to check social media for confirmation and Jagruti instructs her to leave.

Kriti argues. Jai asks her to leave. Nita says stop it Jai, sorry Kiki, tell us where our would-be bahu is. Kriti smiles. Reyansh takes the bag and says I don’t touch a girl’s bag. Aradhana says you have entered my life and bedroom, so why shouldn’t you check my bag, I want insulin. He gives her an insulin shot. He feeds her chocolate. She says, I’d like to go home. Tum hi ho…plays…

She is lying, says Jai. Nita asks really, call Aradhana and see. Jai calls Aradhana and says her phone is off. Kriti asks everyone to go to Reyansh’s Sangeet. Reyansh takes Aradhana there. Everyone is shocked.

Jai asks what is all this. Reyansh says she’s fine now. Jai scolds him and raises his hand. Aradhana stops Jai, saying everyone is watching because it’s our Sangeet. Nita scolds her. Aradhana says no one is leaving, this is Jai and my Sangeet. She takes a dhol and says no one can stop me from enjoying my marriage, I will sing and dance.


Reyansh tells Aradhana he did this for her love. Aradhana scolds him.

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