Anupama 6th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Anupama Confronts Vanraj, Baa’s Arrival

Anupama written update

Anupama 6th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama noticed Baa’s discomfort and gently urged her to take a seat, mentioning the possible knee pain she may be experiencing from the long flight. Baa expressed frustration at the close proximity of plane seats and questioned Kinjal’s decision to settle in this city. Anupama then proceeded to massage Baa’s feet, while Baa playfully scolded her for not visiting sooner. She explained that if she had visited, Baa would not have been able to attend the liberty Mata event. Kinjal invited Yashdeep to join them and Anupama introduced him as her boss. To everyone’s surprise, Baa stood up and saluted him, causing him to laugh. Vanraj inquired about the reason for his laughter.

As well as saluting, Anupama saluted as Baa did. Vanraj asked if he dropped all his employees off. Yashdeep invited him to join his restaurant and promised to drop him off in Ahmedabad. Baa asked Yashdeep if Anupama worked well. Yashdeep said people liked her food. Vanraj said she used to make food her whole life. Anupama said I made food all my life, but didn’t get appreciated. You came here spending dollars, but I’m earning dollars here.

He says whoever doesn’t reserve the cook doesn’t deserve respect. Anupama goes to drop him at the door and apologizes to him for Vanraj’s behavior. Yashdeep says it is ok. Vanraj says the Indians don’t change. Yashdeep tells him that tomorrow is a big day. He leaves. Anupama closes the door. He thinks he has spent the day, but what he will do at night. He keeps his hand on his chest and falls on the bed, thinking how he will live without Anu and Aadhya.

Vanraj questions Anupama’s early arrival, suggesting they could have chatted longer. He assumes there must have been personal conversations between her and someone else since they spend all day together but still don’t run out of things to say. Anupama responds by expressing contentment in seeing him, but she refrains from stating it directly as her feelings towards him haven’t changed positively. She remarks on the changing world over the past 5 years, acknowledging that even someone like her who used to be confined to the house has made it to America, yet he remains stuck in the same negative qualities of arrogance, ego, jealousy, and spiteful words as before.

He just needs to grow up, she says. I know you can’t digest my happiness; we met 5 minutes ago and you began taunting. She asks him to sit down and take a breath, drink some tea. She asks what your problem is, we don’t have anything to do with each other, and you don’t have anything to do with my boss. What I do is none of your business, she says.

Shruti video calls Anuj, who stops the music and answers, composed. She inquires about his well-being, knowing that they are both struggling. She mentions that she was unable to locate her parents’ bodies due to the severity of the burns. Overcome with emotion, she confesses that she had been avoiding them before as a way to avoid discussing her marriage, but now regrets not spending more time with them. She asks him to visit after the event, and he agrees wholeheartedly. Meanwhile, Pari happily reunites with Vanraj and Baa, showering hugs on the latter. Baa jokes about it being their seventh embrace and Pari compliments her appearance. Vanraj gifts her a gold chain, for which Pari expresses gratitude.

Dimpy and Titu confide in Adhik, expressing their disappointment with Dimpy’s actions. Adhik confesses that he was unaware of how low she would stoop and regrets ever loving her. Dimpy also recalls how they used to view Adhik as a villain due to Pakhi’s words, which always brought her to tears. Adhik recollects a particular incident where Pakhi had come home drunk and almost caused Ishani to fall, but he refrained from raising a hand against her. He assures Anupama that Pakhi will receive the consequences she deserves. Curious about the family, Anupama inquires about Babu ji, Ansh, Kavya, and finally Pakhi. This causes Vanraj and Baa to become anxious.


Anupama says, if you do wrong, I will teach you a lesson before Anuj, the goons, and the police. Anuj comes to the event and sees Anupama.

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