Maati Se Bandhi Dor 18th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Ranvijay Stands Up for Vaiju

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 18th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

During the episode, Vaiju asks if you’re joking. Ranvijay says no, I’m serious, you agree or not. Aai and Kaveri thank him. Jaya hides and watches. Kaveri gets sweets for them, but Ranvijay leaves. Aai hugs Vaiju and cries happily. Everyone hugs Vaiju. They dance. Rao Sahab says you should have broken this unwanted bond. Ranvijay comes and says one gets happiness by making, not breaking.

Rao Sahab inquires if Ranvijay has met Vaiju. Ranvijay confirms that he did and admits to not rejecting her proposal. He further explains that he accepted the relationship upon Vasundhara’s approval. Rao Sahab expresses doubt, but Ranvijay clarifies that they had misunderstood Vaiju, and the truth has now been revealed. He praises Vasundhara for her unwavering faith in Vaiju. Curious about the truth, Rao Sahab asks for details. In response, Ranvijay reveals that upon learning something about Vaiju, his perception of her changed, and he was on his way to meet her when he encountered Santosh. Recognizing him as Jaikant’s brother, Santosh argues with Ranvijay, claiming to know Jaikant well.

Ranvijay meets with Jaikant and accuses him of paying Santosh to fight with Vaiju. Jaikant defends himself by reminding Ranvijay that he helped him escape an unwanted alliance with Vasundhara. Curious about the situation, Ranvijay questions why Vaiju slapped Jaikant. Jaikant admits to speaking negatively about Vasundhara, whom he deeply respects. This earns a scolding from Ranvijay before the flashback ends. Reflecting on his past behavior, Ranvijay realizes his mistake in disliking Vaiju and acknowledges her love and respect for the family. Meanwhile, Vasundhara is pleased that Vaiju’s true character has been revealed but worries about Jaikant’s behavior. Later in the evening, she reprimands Jaikant for his actions.

She counts his mistakes. Ranvijay says he spoke bad things about you. Rao Sahab says we were against this alliance, we could have spoken about it, attacking a family is not a good idea. Jaikant angrily taunts Vasundhara for forgetting the distinction between right and wrong for her son’s love. He says Mahabharat will happen right now, so be ready. Ranvijay catches his collar and scolds him. They fight. Everyone tries to stop them.

Vasundhara stops Ranvijay. I didn’t take your words seriously until now, but you have cheated our family. We can’t trust you anymore. You have to leave this house. I don’t want you to do anything foolish. You’ll stay away from the house until the wedding is over. Despite his parents’ support and scolding, he asks why, just me… I mean, just say something.

Jaikant says he won’t go anywhere. Ranvijay gets angry. Vasundhara says you don’t know me. She pushes Jaikant out the door and says you won’t come until the marriage occurs. Jaikant yells at Vasundhara.

As morning arrives, Vaiju takes care of the wet floor while conversing with Kaveri. Saleem takes care of the grocery shopping, and Aai inspects it. With the pandit ji performing the necessary rituals, Aai announces that Vaiju’s marriage will finally be confirmed today. Everyone prepares for the occasion, and Vasundhara presents a necklace to Vaiju, reassuring her of her good taste. Ranvijay overhears their exchange as Rao Sahab shows his support for the union despite any personal reservations he may have had. Ranvijay confidently declares that he has made a decision, causing Rao Sahab to tease him before hugging him. Vasundhara reflects on how Ranvijay has brought her immense joy by making this critical decision.


Jaya gets Vaiju ready. Ranvijay says the truth doesn’t hide for long. I love you, Jaya. If you love me, sign me once. I will break this marriage. Vaiju sits stunned.

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