Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 28th November 2023 Written Update: Amrita Stuck on Virat’s Boat

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 28th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As Virat drives to the college, he throws money outside. Kids pick it up. Amrita asks what kind of man he is. Shekhar (Virat’s PA) says you came from the bank. She says I have to go. He says wait. He looks at Shekhar. He says to go to his girlfriend; you know how much I love you. She says to divorce Amrita then. He says to do what you ask.

Virat meets his friends and speaks to the journalists about his roka. Amrita tries to talk to him, but Shekhar advises her to give him time. However, she cannot wait any longer and has to leave. As Virat goes to speak with his mom, Amrita runs after him, slipping onto the boat as well. Realizing they cannot turn the boat into a car, she asks Shekhar to take her home. He suggests taking Virat’s biometric first, but Amrita insists on going home immediately.

Virat looks at Amrita. Amrita calls her dad. He picks up. He’s with his girlfriend. Amrita says papa, I’m stuck on the boat and can’t see you. He cuts the call. Shikha says to tell her directly and get rid of her mother. Amrita wonders where her father is. She says Aai will be very angry if Baba doesn’t leave today. I am also stuck there. When Virat comes to Shikha, he asks her who invited you? She answers you.. She says no, I mean. Virat’s family cuts the cake. Everyone enjoys the party.

Virat joins his family and partied with them. His attention shifts to Amrita, who is now walking away in anger. He turns to Shekhar and inquires about the unfamiliar girl. Shekhar informs him that she’s the bank manager and advises Virat to hide her before their mother spots her. Frantically, Shekhar searches for Amrita while Nimrit poses for photos with Virat—frustrated, Amrita comments on how grateful she is to have a genuine family, unlike this one. Meanwhile, Shekhar suggests that she eat something before they arrange transportation back home for her. Flustered, Amrita questions how she can return since she doesn’t know how to swim. Shekhar assures her that they have an extra boat available for her use.

Aai cooks for her anniversary. Jayesh returns home. Bhavani asks where you were. He says I had some work. He asks where Amrita is. Bhavani says she won’t return. Amrita eats the food. She collides with the groom’s family. Amrita hears them talking about the dowry. Amrita is shocked by the news. She asks Nimrit if she would like to eat something. You look so good. Nimrit, thanks, Amrita.

Shekhar tells Virat she is from the bank. Virat asks why she is at the party. Babita comes and says Virat attended the party. We must transfer money to the shekhawts for Nimrit’s shipping. She says that she cannot tell him about the demand for a dowry. Virat collides with Amrita. She says your formalities, I have to go home. He says to eat first. Then we can talk.

It’s Bhavani’s job to arrange things. She tells her relatives that her uncle will come at night. A guy helps her. She can ask him for anything. Her friend says she’s the perfect guy for Amrita. Babita tells Amrita to transfer the money into Shekhawat’s account. There should be no mistake. These people are the guy’s family. Harsh calls Amrita. She says that she is transferring the dowry. They call it a gift, not a dowry, but everyone hears it.

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