Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 10th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

It begins with Akshara saying Abhimanyu is going to do Abhinav’s surgery, because you pushed him, and Abhinav needs him. Muskaan says no, my brother doesn’t need him. Kairav says he knows you’re stressed, Abhimanyu’s helping. Aarohi arrives. Muskaan says no, he won’t touch my brother. Akshara shouts on her. She hands Abhimanyu. Muskaan says Abhimanyu made Abhinav fall down the mountain. Akshara pulls her hand away. Muskaan says ask him what he has done to my brother.

The woman says Abhimanyu will never do this. Muskaan says fine, ask Manish, you can trust him. Kairav says he isn’t well, he is at home, until I hear from him… Manish, Suwarna and Surekha arrive. He remembers Surekha telling him about Muskaan seeing Abhimanyu and Abhinav leave. The woman asks Muskaan and Manish about what they’ve seen. Manish says he has seen it, Abhimanyu has pushed Abhinav down from the mountain. Everyone is shocked.

Everyone is shocked and gathered around as Manish reveals that he saw Abhimanyu with Abhinav. Muskaan interjects, saying she also witnessed Abhimanyu taking Abhinav away to make him drink. Anand objects, stating that this doesn’t necessarily mean it was part of Abhimanyu’s plan. Muskaan disagrees, arguing that it wouldn’t make sense for Abhinav to fall off the mountain on his own. Manjiri chimes in, suggesting that it may have been an unfortunate accident between friends. Aarohi points out the dangerous consequences of drinking while operating and asks why anyone would do such a thing. Surekha defends Abhimanyu, insisting that he didn’t consume any alcohol. She then turns to him and demands an explanation for making Abhinav drink.

The doctor delivers the news that the patient’s alcohol level is dangerously high and he needs immediate attention. Akshara, filled with anger, grasps Abhimanyu’s collar and reprimands him. She questions his feelings towards her, accusing him of taking away her son and now attempting to take her husband as well. While Aarohi storms off, Abhimanyu pleads to be allowed to attend to the surgery before addressing Akshara’s concerns about Abhinav’s safety. But Kairav interjects, insisting that Abhimanyu belongs in jail for his actions. The inspector confirms this, charging Abhimanyu with attempted murder. Manjiri passionately defends her son, claiming his innocence and pointing out his noble profession of saving lives. She appeals to Akshara to believe in his goodness and not let him suffer unjustly. As Akshara sobs in response, caught in a difficult situation.

Manish claims we were unable to identify Abhimanyu, and Manjiri pleads for him to be spared from any harm. She implores Muskaan to comprehend the situation. Despite this, Muskaan believes he cannot be innocent. However, Manjiri insists that her son is not guilty. Abhimanyu then turns to Akshara and asks if she also thinks he is capable of committing such a crime. The inspector then takes him away, while Aarohi brings in Dr. Gill, a renowned heart surgeon, who will perform surgery on Abhinav. She tries to comfort Akshara in this difficult time. Eventually, Abhimanyu is taken into custody as Anand argues with the inspector about the charges of attempted murder being brought against him.

As Abhinav undergoes his operation, Abhimanyu anxiously watches. Aarohi then reminds Manish to take his medication. Looking for Akshara, he asks Kairav for her whereabouts. Upon spotting Akshara engaged in conversation, Manish approaches and she expresses her worry for Abhinav, unable to bear being apart from him. Reassuring her, Abhinav promises that their happy days as a family of three will return once he recovers. In an attempt to embrace him, Akshara is stopped by Manish who questions the man if he has seen her husband.

Manish warns against the action. Akshara becomes emotional, expressing that he is a kind man and questioning why he is facing this situation. Abhimanyu requests to use the phone, but the constable declines. He argues that he is innocent and has not been proven guilty, pleading for just one call. Akshara receives a phone call, angrily stating that she does not want a credit card. Suwarna reveals that Akshara’s husband is fighting for his life because of her first husband, causing her to lose her patience. Kairav confirms that Akshara did not say anything to Abhir. Muskaan wonders what she could possibly say to him. Surekha expresses her distress at seeing Akshara in this state. Akshara urges Abhinav to fight for her and Abhir’s sake.


Akshara hugs Abhinav. They both say I love you. Abhimanyu is in jail. He thinks of Abhinav. He dies. He shouts doctor.

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