Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st April 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st April 2023 Written Episode Update on

Ashwini warns Virat not to address her as “aayi” (mother). Virat tries to make her understand his perspective, but Ashwini berates him for wanting to break the family and feeling ashamed of his actions. She disowns him as her son and family member, expressing her disappointment in his behaviour and the expectation of praise for his heinous act. The rest of the family also condemns Virat, with Bhavani being the only one who supports him, assuring him that everything will be fine soon.

Paakhi watches the video of Virat proposing to Sai repeatedly. Virat approaches her and apologizes, but Paakhi points out the pain he has caused her over the years. She sarcastically praises him for proposing to Sai for Vinu’s sake and suggests he leave and start his wedding preparations. Virat acknowledges that he couldn’t love Paakhi despite her devotion and offers to divorce her. Paakhi agrees, and Virat feels relieved and hugs her, while she breaks down emotionally.

Virat also apologizes to Vinu, understanding why he is upset. He assures Vinu that things will be set right, and Saavi requests Vinu to forgive their father. Vinu becomes hopeful that everything will be alright. Virat expresses his hope that Sai will return to his life soon, unaware of her decision.

Sai calls Virat to meet her at Seven Hills. He eagerly goes there, expecting her to come home to inform the family about their decision. However, Sai surprises him by saying that she has decided to marry but not him. Virat is shocked and demands to know whom she will marry. Sai keeps it a secret but confirms that she will not marry him. Virat laughs it off, assuming she’s trying to fool him, as he believes she has no one else in her life to marry.

Sai expresses her exhaustion with his drama and her desire to move on with her life, taking her daughter with her while leaving her son behind. She asserts that she won’t let her past hold her back and intends to marry someone else. Virat sarcastically talks about his oath as a minister and suggests she attend his ceremony with her imaginary groom. Sai remains determined and says she will attend when the time comes, to which Virat retorts that it will never happen.


Virat follows Sai and forcibly takes her out of the car. Sai tells him he has no right to touch her. Virat notices a call from Satya and accuses Sai of liking Satya and not valuing him anymore. Sai asserts that she has no place for him in her life and drives away.

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