Kumkum Bhagya 31st May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 31st May 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

When Pallavi asks Ranbir how Prachi is doing, he answers that she is fine. Pallavi tells him that she lost the bangle at Prachi’s house. Rhea hears them. Pallavi says it was brought by Mummy Ji, so she feels bad if she finds out I have lost it. She refuses to wear it. Ranbir says, ok, I’ll drop you off at Prachi’s house.

Rhea tells Pallavi that she heard them and asks if she could come with them. Pallavi says, of course, we’ll go in the evening. Later, they get to Prachi’s house. Prachi gets happy and hugs Rhea. Ranbir says Mummy’s bangle, which Dida brought from the temple, has fallen somewhere here.

Pallavi and Shahana check into the guest room. Dadi checks out the basket where Servants keep new things. Ranbir asks Prachi if she’s okay. Prachi says yes. Ranbir says Rhea got worried when I arrived late. Prachi thinks he means that he shouldn’t have stayed at night.

In the morning, Rhea gets up and leaves. She says she will drink water. Prachi tells Dadi that yesterday night was different and that everything seemed to be fine, but when she sees him with Rhea, her eyes open and she faces reality. Dadi says Ranbir is connected to Rhea now and asks her to do what she thought and adopt Khushi since she will change her life and aim. Rhea hears them and gets upset. Pallavi asks Rhea if something happened? Rhea asks Ranbir to let Khushi be with Prachi because she is her greatest happiness.

Pallavi says we want to talk to you, and tells us Khushi visited our house the day before, but we didn’t tell you. She says Khushi wants to live in our house, and everyone loves her. Shahana tries to stop Dadi. Dadi says Khushi brings peace into her life, she is her life, and if they are separated, one will die. She says Khushi will stay with Prachi.

As Pallavi says, Khushi will remain with us, and you can meet her anytime. Dadi says we can say the same. Pallavi says if Prachi takes Khushi from here. She says Ranbir’s condition was worse and he couldn’t sleep at night because he couldn’t believe she was dead. This time, she says, we should remain peaceful.

Pallavi apologizes to Prachi and says I can’t agree. Ranbir says I can’t let you snatch our happiness. Pallavi blames her. Ranbir says you used to make me yearn for the small happiness and now she has snatched it all from me. Pallavi says she hopes it is clear now. Dadi says our decision is final. Ranbir says we have decided too. They leave. Dadi tells Prachi not to worry and says Khushi will be yours.

Prachi wakes up the next morning thinking of Pallavi’s words. She cries and sees Ranbir standing. She asks him to leave. Ranbir apologizes to her for snatching his happiness and says I am happy because of you. As he leaves, Prachi realizes Akshay has appeared in her imagination. He says Dadi told me everything and says I know you want Khushi and your ex also wants her.

Having heard so much yesterday, he says at least Ranbir understands you and says I am with you and Dadi. He says if you want Khushi, then I’ll get her for you. Then Rhea meets Aaliya and tells her that they were fighting like they would see each other. Aaliya states that their love is on a different level and that…Rhea says they can’t be together. Aaliya suggests that you should take advantage of the situation.

It’s up to Aaliya to keep the situation in her favour. She says you have manipulated a bit, and you need to do that to keep the situation in your favour. Rhea says she doesn’t want to play games. Aaliya says you have to lie one or two times to keep the situation in your favour. As Akshay tells Prachi, if Khushi is all you want, then I will fulfil it. He says I have done many favours for many people, and Khushi will be yours in a day.


Prachi and Ranbir come to Meera’s adoption centre. Meera says whoever marries first will get Khushi. Rhea is happy that Akshay is taking Prachi away from Ranbir.

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