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Written Episode of Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in.

The Scene opens with Ranbir entering his room and being joined by Prachi unexpectedly. However, upon realizing her mistake, she leaves the room. Annoyed, Ranbir shuts the door behind her. Soon after, there is a knock on the door and he opens it to find Prachi standing there. Addressing her bravery, she is asked to pack her bags and meet him on the terrace, where they will escape from their current situation together. Confused and taken aback, Prachi questions his words. Ranbir then proceeds to enter the room with her and draws attention to the mangalsutra he had given her as a symbol of love. Accusing her of lying about her feelings for him, he presses for an explanation. To which Prachi denies any lingering emotions for him. Unfazed by her response, Ranbir insists that it does not matter to him as well since she holds no significance in his life either way. As Prachi makes her exit, Ranbir firmly closes the door and states that he will prove his indifference towards her just as much as she claims to have towards him in return.

Akshay gazes at Prachi as she descends the stairs and admires her. He considers himself fortunate to have her by his side in life, but he’s protective of her and wouldn’t want anyone else to see her. He admits to being possessive in the past but has learned to let go of those feelings. However, he still worries that Ranbir may win Prachi’s heart. He reminds himself not to be too insecure. Just then, he receives a call from Pallavi informing him that she and her family are leaving. Akshay urges her to hurry and Pallavi expresses her eagerness to reach her son quickly.

Shahana urgently calls for Vikram and Dida to join her. She then turns to Prachi and inquires whether she can ask a question without causing any anger. After receiving confirmation, Shahana proceeds to ask if Prachi has spoken to Ranbir. Prachi responds saying that she accidentally ended up in his room and he jokingly asked her to elope with him. She also mentions how he brought up the mangalsutra he had given her, but expresses confusion as to why he would think she would leave her marital home. Shahana brings up the topic of Prachi still wearing Ranbir’s name on her mangalsutra and asks for an explanation. Prachi promises to explain another time and leaves. Shahana begins to suspect that Prachi is keeping something from her.

Inquiring about Ranbir’s mood, Akshay asks what has happened. When Ranbir recalls Prachi’s words, he becomes upset. He says he was fine before you came here, but I became angry when you came here. He says he gets mad seeing your face, and asks why you are such. Akshay says I was about to say this to you, why you are becoming what you should not become. Ranbir says we will fight openly, at least we will know why we are fighting. Akshay says I am not a fan of you.

Akshay says I want to know the reason. Ranbir says you know what the reason is, my heart says. Ranbir says that’s the reason which is your heart saying. Akshay asks him to ask him what his heart says. He says that it’s your heart and I don’t want to know why you dislike me, he says I’m good and that’s why you’re giving Mihika’s hand to me. He says I am good and that’s why you’re giving Mihika’s hand to me. He says there is so much going on in my mind that he is happy as Prachi does. At least try, he says, and goes from there.

When Mihika and Prachi are hanging the decorative curtain on the ladder, Prachi falls first. Ranbir runs to hold her. Mihika falls, too. Ranbir holds Prachi, while Mayank holds Mihika from falling. Akshay gets angry and asks Ranbir why he held Prachi, and says he should have saved Mihika. Ranbir says it’s no big deal, she’s saved. Akshay says it’s too much now. Mihika goes to Ranbir and tells him that Ranbir was on that side and saved Prachi. She says it is too much.

Ranbir fills Prachi in on the situation, explaining that Mihika is standing up for him while she stands by and watches. Prachi reassures him that she will stand up for him as well, being his future wife. She mentions how Akshay defended her because he didn’t approve of Ranbir’s actions. Confused, Ranbir asks what he did wrong, but Prachi remains silent. She suggests to Akshay that he seek help for his doubts about his own wife’s loyalty and accuses him of having feelings for her. She clarifies that she has no romantic interest in Ranbir either. Shahana understands her motive behind saying this. Their friend Abhay advises Ranbir not to create a problem out of it. An angry Ranbir retorts that maybe he should act like Akshay and scold Sardar ji for intervening in Mihika’s safety without permission.

Prachi invites Shahana to join them. Mihika reminds Akshay not to behave in the same manner again before leaving. Abhay questions why she is making Akshay even more angry. Mihika explains that she doesn’t want to understand the situation. She goes to her room followed by Mayank, who asks her about her actions and if there is a particular reason she is supporting Ranbir as if he were her husband. He becomes upset and then apologizes. Mihika states that this is why she tries to avoid him and asks why he has so much anger towards her and constantly picks fights.

He affirms his immense love for her, declaring her as his everything – his life, love, enemy, and wife. However, he explains that where there is great love, there may also be anger present. Mihika urges him to give her some space and questions why he is suddenly showing such intense affection when he used to ignore her calls and dismiss her. Mayank asks if she truly loves him while Mihika requests for some time alone before walking away. He then reaches out to a friend and invites him to meet at the specified location. The friend asks for the address and assures that he will come.

As Shahana walks into the kitchen, she turns to Prachi and suggests they run away from their current situation forever. She expresses concern over Akshay’s behavior towards Prachi and his claims of possessing a right over her. Prachi, however, dismisses the topic and insists on avoiding any potential trouble. She then mentions her desire for the engagement to happen quickly so she can perform a ritual in the Ganges. Just as Ranbir enters, Prachi makes a remark about people trying to be heroes in her life even though she doesn’t need them. Unfortunately, she accidentally cuts her finger while chopping vegetables. As Shahana prepares to assist her, Ranbir intervenes and questions why she would need anyone when she clearly stated otherwise.


He tells his friend that his girlfriend, whom he used to ignore, and also her phone calls, is the sister of a rich man. He says I get married in this house, then we’ll rule Delhi. Ranbir loses the ring and blames Prachi for this. His friend asks him to call Prachi and ask where the ring is. He finds some documents that shocked him.

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