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With Vani’s encouragement, Sumeet initially considers accepting Raunak’s proposal. However, as Shlok prepares to leave, he overhears Sumeet turning down Raunak’s offer out of the belief that one should only marry for true love. After apologizing and leaving, Sumeet is left unable to accept Raunak’s proposal. As a result of the public rejection, Raunak is humiliated and Shlok takes the opportunity to mock him. This infuriates Raunak and he crushes the red rose in frustration before storming into Sumeet’s room. There, he angrily grabs her photo and declares his hatred for hearing the word “no.” Vowing to make Sumeet pay for rejecting him, Raunak becomes consumed with rage.

Despite multiple attempts, Shagun fails to get Raunak’s attention. She then questions him about his proposal to Sumeet, despite her asking him to impress her instead. Raunak expresses his frustration over the rejection, while Sumeet unknowingly enters the room and looks around for Shlok who is holding onto Raunak. In a warning tone, Raunak tells Shlok that he will make sure Sumeet accepts his proposal. Worried about Raunak’s anger, Shagun decides it’s time to reveal her true identity and play her own game in front of everyone. She apologizes on Raunak’s behalf to Masoom and portrays him as someone with a pure heart who acts impulsively. She also subtly hints at Vani’s happiness being at stake if Masoom does not comply with their plan.

Raj informs Sumeet that Sumeet will be happy with Raunak, but Raj emphasizes Sumeet’s dreams and opposes marrying her off so soon. Vani questions Sumeet about why she rejected Wonderboy’s proposal. He confides in Sarthak that he wants Sumeet to know that the voice she loves is actually his. Sumeet confesses to Vani that the voice she fell in love with and the one who proposed to her are two distinct entities.

Despite Masoom’s attempts, Raj remains unmoved in his decision to forbid Sumeet and Raunak’s marriage. Shlok recalls Sumeet’s aversion towards him and the threats made by Raunak to keep their secret hidden. Unwavering in his determination, Shlok decides to take a bold step and reveal the truth to Sumeet, regardless of any repercussions. He sends her a text requesting one final meeting at their usual café, hoping to explain his actions. However, before he can leave, Shlok’s mother urgently calls him asking for money and instructing him to take his grandmother to the hospital. As he goes to retrieve the car keys, he is met with taunts from none other than Raunak himself.

Shagun arrives and hands Shlok the keys. Sumeet arrives at the café, expressing her belief in second chances since she has come to meet Shlok. Once again, Shlok is unable to tell the truth. Shagun reveals her plan to take advantage of his poverty and sense of responsibility when Raunak asks her why she allowed Shlok to meet Sumeet.

In a flashback, Shagun can be seen emotionally manipulating Shlok by convincing him that telling the truth would lead to his imprisonment. As a result, Shlok admits to Sumeet that he lied in order to impress her. Sumeet expresses her disappointment, wishing that he had just stayed true to himself as the simple and sweet guy she first met. However, Shlok reassures her of her uniqueness and reminds her that her mother would certainly be proud of her. He then asks her not to change for his sake or anyone else’s. While Shagun comments that Shlok will always be their servant, Sumeet suggests rekindling their friendship once again.

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